Your comments

im good, working on my uni application

im really sad the old wilds is gone. I personally dislike this new map, the leaderboards system and everything newly added. Fort was cool, ruins was cooler and desert was just awesome

they look cool but i would still go for the original historic look

i made a topic on this some time ago, +1

the concept itself is quite cool but im not sure about the controls, i mean if you press down and kick you will perform a sweep and maybe you wanted to go downwards and perform a kick? rezoner has to make the controls himself

that would be neat and not too hard to implement

but make it optional. i like to trade my stamina potions for health ones



cant pronounce myself but i think rezoner might be working on the big update he keeps promising

yes its a hard arse quest, the reward should be higher than it is now

we have the new userecho i think so maybe rez returns to wilds !!