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 Hello, all. Most of you already know that I'm BILBOOO (this is my alternate account). Now the last post on my real account mentioned that I would play from time to time. But as only Egz knows, I said that I would never play wilds again. Ever. So to fully let go, this is going to be the last post that I'll ever do. I just wanted to give some tips on how we can help wilds as players. Just because we aren't creators doesn't mean we can't help. 

Firstly, and most importantly, we should promote/ advertise this game. Now, many people have done this. There have been discord channels, a recruiter system, and on and on. But there could always be more. Almost 400 people have been recruited (I didn't include rezoner), so I think a lot of people are good on that field. And that raiders channel on discord is helping, too (if it is still around). 

Secondly, we should stop picking on new players. If we want people to stick around and make accounts, we shouldn't put them in an unfair match and scare them away from the game. Now i'm not saying you should never do damage. People can lose and win sometimes, and we all know that new players tend to try and attack you first, so you can defend yourself. Just try to stay way from farming off of them, though.

 Thirdly, we need to fix the attitudes. Stop calling every single person you lose to a "noob," and stop cussing them out for winning. This is like number two. If you go cyber bullying or just being mean to a player, they won't want to stay around because they don't want to be around people who hurt them. Be nice. A loving community attracts people who want to be loved.

Fourthly, stop panicking! Don't go around saying "THE GAME IS DYING!" The game has lost some players, and the US servers are... maybe dying a little... but screaming is only making things worse! Keep calm, because stressing yourself and other people will only cause more chaos and gossip.

Fifthly, don't blame rezoner or any of the builders. Rezoner has a life and a family, and he doesn't need to spend all of his life on this game. This is not his fault. It is nobody's fault. Updates are cool, yes, but that isn't what makes a game. The game may get an update soon, but complaining to rezoner won't fix this.

Lastly, have some fun! Games are for fun! People who have fun have better lives! Being somber and gloomy or all over yourself in front of others won't help anything! If you have fun and talk to the community and make friends, we will ALL benefit. 

     I want this game to grow and get better, and I want all of the players to, too. I may be leaving forever, but I know that you and this game will succeed in the end. All you have to do is help, because nobody can do this alone. Bye, guys!

I hope you all have wonderful lives! Thank you for helping me become more of an adult!



Another one leaving... I am sad because of what is going on there, so many veterans are left. :(

Without them, the forum willl be dead.

We need such people in community :c Well i can't stop you, but at least visit discord  or game from time to time :3

And about Rezoner and game updates - i got message from him like 6 days ago and he said that he almost finished his new football game (i will post link on forum when he only give it to me). That mean he is gonna update wilds soon. New webgl engine is almost ready, and with this is coming many features. I am sure that everything turn out good.

im gonna hang around as long as it will take

BILBOOO dont leave forever we need veterans around