Your comments

confirmed, also it doesnt release, rezoner please fix this :(

seems to be fixed, cant be sure though, i managed to play only once, as the game is empty by now

you mean in the game or in real life?

gotta check one second

I think he means what changed? I didnt find any difference either yet

tell me a precise time interval or age i cant google "unga bunga"

thanks man, i know its way too op, i had a second thought

ill try to re-ballance it here in the coments

yes i know its op, but I said that the special would either be 0,5 or 1 dmg and would affect an area, not a single person. anyways theres the second option with the exploding bullet that could deal around 1 or 1,5 dmg

im not being rude, as I know that the balancing isnt perfect

sorry if I offended u

im not new to the wilds, neither to the userecho community. I logged in 6 months ago, but just now I was able to confirm my email