New Shield idea

Celebrimbor 7 years ago updated 6 years ago 67

Since we have the legionnaire helmet I thought a similar shield might fit in. I tried some pixel art for the idea and here's what ive done 

Image 2444

Tried my best. I know that every shield takes about 50 frames to draw so if Rezoner asks me to do that im going to do it.

Not sure about the price, but since all the shields now cost 5000 im going to go with 5000 (although its very expensive and it should be lowered to 2000 or 3000)

Please leave your opinion in the comments

Always yours, Razvancic the Ogre Slayer


looks great

Keep this idea on for next 3 days! If we keep bumping this to end of Rezoner's AFK time, he will tell if he want this shield! I'm starting.

(prepare to shit pants)


no need to do that, you can just bump it once in the day he is back


But then I will forget I ever knew about this topic existing because of my short memory.. wait, who I am?


Good one,I like it.+1


thanks for apreciation :)


I know,right,cuz its awesome.

I made it look dented and used just because I thought that would make it cooler. If Rezoner adds it this look isnt mandatory

Oh wow, that's a pretty awesome pixelart. It would be nice to have a square shaped shield, just for variety


its a rectangle pal


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Looks gteat. 5000 is fine, since all other shields have it.

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Seem good Razvanic +1



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Ok now you can bump it Rezoner is back


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SO THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. Cool, blending the cape B-) 

XDD looks dope, 


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Im referring to your ears. 

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And for those who dont like the colors of the Shield.

Can this work? i think its cool. 

It's really good,especially the gray-silver one.

Oh forgot to put some 3d on it ( i mean the shadow on the right side ) haha. rezoner can fix it. 

I like the black-gold one best, should fit with those that reside on the None team.

Ooh rly haha. thx for appreciating the colors that i put in it :) 

Very, very cool skins. Maybe Rezoner could implement this in the next update: shield skins!

The shields only need a color rework and can cost some money, like 500 or 1000 so if you dont like your default skin you can buy a new one

Also sorry for bump :)

they look cool but i would still go for the original historic look

i think there is a max of 5 colors

Good idea, and also nice example. But for your information Rez have now much faster way for adding sprites to the game without hours of drawing. 

wow, its rly good. 

very cool, if i could get explanations on that then I could help with the sprites

So if you know anything please tell me im willing to help

again, sorry 


Do not say "bump",good god.I don't have anything against you,just don't say it.

This is kind of a bumpy situation.

*facepalm with frying pan*

I think the review of the armory has already been done - I dont think that another items will be added on the games for now.

Dis damn bump -_-

For the love of Budha,Gandhi and Petrenko,pls stop.

I just hope rezoner sees this when he comes back

Rez if you see this i could try to make the animations for the shield, just give me the templates

we have the new userecho i think so maybe rez returns to wilds !!