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Altar of the Creator (worship him!)

Zagłoba 6 years ago updated by kanguror 6 years ago 25

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Patreon donates for the update god!

My idea is to add a new object to the fort map: altar of the Creator. There players would worship the true Creator and pray for updates.

An examplary prayer:

"Great Creator, give us Updates!

Give them to us!(x2)

Accept our humble donates from Patreon!

Accept them!(x2)

Add new content, Items and skins!

Ooooh, add it!(x2)

Very big much please."

Ok. After a little troll, the REAL idea. 

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The altar will work simple - a bit similiar to the shop.

Player throws an item in ---> something is thrown out.

But this time, player will throw not items, but bones. The "B" button could be used to throw them, just as like normal items. The totem will show the number of bones thrown in with a counter over its head. Each player will have a personal counter (you cant see someone other's counter).

Depending on number bones thrown on the altar, the player will get varied blessings (5= +10 life points, 10= +10 gold, 15= immunity to damage for 10 secs, 20= 10 gold, etc. - please, give more propositions in comments).

Player will have to throw bones fast, because if there is a break of 1 sec or more between throwing a next bone, the totem will accept the offer and stop taking more bones from you for 5 secs.

Is it a good idea? What do you think? What other bvlessings will you add? Please write.



I really like this idea, except the immunity should last for only 5 sec, and for 20 bones you get 20 gold.

Also for 5 bones, you should regain 3 hp, not 10.

Ok. Nice ideas.

Oh and throwing bones should be a universal thing, like throwing them anywhere. This could be useful for giving people bones when you have to leave or something

I had it in mind.

Why a minus? :P

I was thinking about team-changing totem, because diyng every time at new server to join "none" is stupid.So, we can give team-changing ability to this altar.Maybe a weapon, thrown in this altar, will do it.


Excellent idea! Maybe make that the player will loose half of his bones while changing a team?

Yeah, so that'll prevent runners.

Until I thought it cool.


im neither going to upvote nor to downvote, this is a new mechanic to the game which i think is not needed


Why? I respect your opinion, but sharing your bones with people would be great, and something new in the fort would bring a new life into wilds.

for the simple fact that it adds a new branch to the mechanics of the game. It has to be thought all the way through in order to be suggested for implementation. for example, a lot of people will bundle up around the totem, creating conflict. There may be people who will wait around it and wont let others approach them. many other issues like these can be found upon closer examination

The other thing that made me dislike the concept is the buffs it provides. Sure thing it would be nice being able to trade your bones too, not just the items, but the only one that made sense to me is the trade for money, as you could in fact sacrifice your score to get some coins if you really need it. Getting health is a bit inconvenient from many perspectives(runners get a new chance to keep running, you can only perform the trade when youre not in danger, etc). getting invulnerability is useless(i think) because you can only use it around the totem

that was my 2 pennies and i hope you wont downvote my other comment where i expressed my opinion


I won't downwote you. These buffs were only a propositions, I also think that they would be too op.

Under review

I know you are going through hard times with no updates since a long while and I do realize that half of the community will not survive it - but I am working super hard on a big change in how my games work. I want to put everything I've done in my own network. This month you will see an update regarding the ecosystem:

+ One account for all my games
+ Our own userecho - I am tired of not being able to adjust userecho to our needs (for example best posts this week) so I've built something similar that will be tied with the platform (embedded straight in the games, divided into ideas, forum and news)

+ New game - Soccer - so far it has the most advanced matchmaking and graphics among my games.

+ A portal with my games.

After that I am finish Wilds update.

Bear with me and thank you for waiting so long.

Welcome back!

Will we still be able to have multiple accounts?

Yes, that's up to you.

Finally you are back!

so will there be an option to not have a beard after that?


So since this idea is under review...does that mean it's being added? :D

I would be grateful :D