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sounds like, but i like it though

and since the map is desert there could be an oasis where all these bushes grow

dude just imagine that your female is a manly, full of testosterone, smoking woman

Good idea, still a bit op but thats ok. We have Rezoner for balancing :

the mechanics of day/night would be interesting. Monster spawns are a great idea. Also slowly losing either hp or stamina during the night if youre not near a fire would be interesting. Sadly this is means a lot of work for Rez and im sure that aint nobody got time for that

how is it similar? besides the range it has nothing in common

no no, its actually a good idea, since we have no stunnig specials in wilds

though the simple attack is a bit too powerful, because the 5 mini cannon balls would instantly kill a enemy if he stands right next to you. 

I thiink the special is good, but it should be only stunning, not dealing huge damage too, maybe only a bit

there is a new section- voices, where u  can buy this voice pack which makes your taunts sound different

but rezone why 10000???? i cant afford it i just bought a cape :(

okay after looking at weapon stats on the wiki i re-balanced the weapon

first, the charging would take 4 seconds

after that you can aim and shoot, your speed is 25% of the usual one

the bullet would travel at 1.25 the speed of the arrow(or maybe the same speed, not sure here)

it would deal 2 damage (+0.5 in comparison with the bow's arrows)

the special would be a explosive cannon ball, having a smaller radius and dealing 1 damage to everybody in the radius. It can be blocked with a shield

im having second thoughts about should the cannonballs be reversable with a kick(i mean its not too logical but HEY when did the wildsio physics make sense? :D) I think that yes, they should be possible to be reversed, also blocked (in real life blocking a cannonball with a shield would be a bad idea, lets imagine that the cannonball is made out of marble or something)

And last but not least the price would be somewhere around 3000 and 3500 coins

if its still OP please leave down your version ill accept it