Sorry for my hiatus.

Ruby Rose 6 years ago updated by OnderaZ 6 years ago 6

Hello Wilds.io community. It's been quite long time since I've check back here on the forums and on the game. Sorry for sticking around much like I used to do. My health has been declining since, so I hope you guys understand.

I'm not sure what even has happened here or what's going on, so it'll be nice if you guys could fill me up on some information. I'll do my best to stick around as much as a can. Thank you...

-Ruby Rose, the irrelevant.


Hymm as usuall, without fireworks. But good info is that Rezoner can release his new football game in any day, and if i will only get link which is open for other players i am gonna share it on forum. After this Rez is gonna update wilds.

god bless your words

That's great! ;v

I am happy, but can you ask him why he is not visiting the forum?

no time I guess

some people are dedicating themselves and working more on their posts, this is good