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Someone on the forum said that more weapons should be added and I totally agree with it. So here's what I came up with:

(I tried some basic pixel art, dont judge it)

Image 2258

Let me show you its features! :D

For first, it will be a long ranged weapon, like the bow and the ice staff. 

The simple attack would be similar to  the bow one: just hitting enemies with the weapon. 

To shoot it, you will have to charge-attack. At this point my idea divides into 2 possibilities:

1) You shoot, then reload the cannon

2)First you reload, then you shoot

The first idea has its advantages, as you dont have to wait for it to load up to shoot. Yet I think the second one is better, because you arent vulnerable after shooting, plus its alot easier to implement it into the game. Its up to you which choice is better.

The charging would take a couple seconds, maybe from 3 to 5. During it the grunt will load the gun and at the end, when released, it will shoot. The bullet/Cannon ball will deal huge damage, about 3 HP. Also it will fly very fast, about twice or maybe 1.5 the speed of the arrow. It will be fast enough so you will be hardly able to dodge it, unless you saw the enemy charging or you have really good reaction time :D.

 This might seem OP, but i think the slow load speed will counter it. If you dont agree, write down in the comments your version.


At this point I have 2 possibilities, again

1)The special would be a grape shot cannonball(Image down below) which will affect a medium area, like the grenade does. However it wont inflict damage to the whole area, only to the closest enemies, which will take the shot on them. The grape shot would release like 10 mini cannon balls each inflicting either 0.5 or 1 DMG

Image 2259

2)The special would be a exploding cannon ball which will act exactly like a grenade, but inflicting less damage, like 1 HP or so. I also had the idea for it to deal 6 damage divided equally to all the enemies in the radius, but i find it rather hard to implement.

The price should be around 3000 coins or so, again im not 100% sure about this.

Also, some people might find this weapon unfitting for the wilds.io theme, but i think that since we have gunpowder-based explosives we should have some guns too.

Sorry for the long post, heres a potato :)

Image 2260


Excuse me?

Wild people never got cannons, you have to remember it's wilds.io not medievals.io

maybe youre right but as i said the presence of explosives leaded me to the thought of having basic fire arms

I don't know too how bomb and grenade went into game but hand cannon is a bit not wild.

granade and bombs were in the wild time 

there is a legand about the "magicians tribe" who us bomb and granades (you can see them in the movie 300)


first cannon existed near XIV actually wilds.IO is near XIII - XV ( see a old post)

but a handcannon ?????????? NOPE!

+ the old cannon was not that dangerous


I'l rather stick to bow.

since when do wild people have a online game based on them? stop being a hater

True,at least Sasha will appreciate his last pic.


Even if you tried to make it not OP it´s still OP (3 damage per bullet NO THANKS) also (10 damage divided in 10 shots, you can freaking one-shot people with that Sh@t).

yes i know its op, but I said that the special would either be 0,5 or 1 dmg and would affect an area, not a single person. anyways theres the second option with the exploding bullet that could deal around 1 or 1,5 dmg

im not being rude, as I know that the balancing isnt perfect

sorry if I offended u

No you didn´t offend me but at least you tried to make it not OP.

Well,it pretty much stays op whether turned in any way.

i like this, the gun could be "made out of wood" for a barbarian feel, but statistics need to be changed a lot

reload then shoot

1 shot at a time only
each shot deals 1.75 damage
special: rapid fire 3 cannonballs, each deals 0.75 damage, but no knockback

I feel like hand cannons and guns really don't fit with the theme of wilds. The bombs make sense, because a lot of societies had those before guns were invented/introduced to them, like ancient Rome. Even native americans were lighting pinecones on fire and chucking those around like hand grenades(yes, they do explode, and are hella effective, cuz shrapnel from the cone goes everywhere).


So that's why there are holes on The Moon...

k guys, i get it, but what is the specific time period that wilds.io fits in? just to know for other ideas of weapons, cause ive researched for a while and wasnt able to find anything

Time of the game fits in barbarian times, when people was talking "unga bunga" when see an apple.

tell me a precise time interval or age i cant google "unga bunga"

Unga. Bunga. What you don't understand?!

no result about wilds

boohahahahahahahahaha man you just made my day xDDDD

Well,at least you tried *sips tea*

violently raped in the ass

Man you need to relax.*offers him cup of tea*Want some,Toke?

fuck no u thot

Ok,then.What about shot of high proof liqour?

why are you so set on having wilds.io be completely accurate to promotable times, it's a f*****g computer game!


make it less op and it will be good. Even wild men need evolutions.

thanks man, i know its way too op, i had a second thought

ill try to re-ballance it here in the coments

okay after looking at weapon stats on the wiki i re-balanced the weapon

first, the charging would take 4 seconds

after that you can aim and shoot, your speed is 25% of the usual one

the bullet would travel at 1.25 the speed of the arrow(or maybe the same speed, not sure here)

it would deal 2 damage (+0.5 in comparison with the bow's arrows)

the special would be a explosive cannon ball, having a smaller radius and dealing 1 damage to everybody in the radius. It can be blocked with a shield

im having second thoughts about should the cannonballs be reversable with a kick(i mean its not too logical but HEY when did the wildsio physics make sense? :D) I think that yes, they should be possible to be reversed, also blocked (in real life blocking a cannonball with a shield would be a bad idea, lets imagine that the cannonball is made out of marble or something)

And last but not least the price would be somewhere around 3000 and 3500 coins

if its still OP please leave down your version ill accept it


You did a great job delivering the idea but I honestly think that this would be "too much"  , considering that this would be a huge problem for enemies (in other words , a bit OP) ... 

I think :

The charge-attack and the special with should be switched :

-The charge attack would be 5 mini-cannon balls that shoot around a small area , (fan formation of trajectory)

that deals 2 damage each hit , The mini-cannon balls should travel same as an arrow , can also be used by a kick to send it right back at you . Charge time would take 50% more than the bow's .

-The Special however , I think should be shooting a medium size ball that develops into a rope trap , stunning enemies for 2 seconds  , after that the gun will shoot 2x of it's charge attack in quick succession . So the special could be a lock-down combo that can be used to STUN and DAMAGE enemies . 

DISCLAIMER : This idea is formed from your idea and I have no property upon this very comment . If you wish this to be deleted because this is a terrible idea from the original , reply "DELETE" . And I will of course delete this as quick as I know you've commented DELETE


no no, its actually a good idea, since we have no stunnig specials in wilds

though the simple attack is a bit too powerful, because the 5 mini cannon balls would instantly kill a enemy if he stands right next to you. 

I thiink the special is good, but it should be only stunning, not dealing huge damage too, maybe only a bit

If you're great at aiming you can take pretty much everyone regardless of reload and speed.

And with knowing how to preserve ammo between each shot+knowing exactly in which direction to shoot when enemy is on the move you have big chances of repeling even multiple enemies without changing your ground.

Of course, because nobody have ice staffs and bows?

I think..no I know I'l still stick to the bow.

I like the idea because you have good planned it but the only problems that this weapon is too much similar to the arch.

how is it similar? besides the range it has nothing in common

It is similar to the arch in the utilize, but congratulations for the work

thanks, and yeah maybe youre right

btw the weapon is called bow (no hate here)

i like this idea, I think it would be a good addition to the weapons

btw at the turning point of the "barbarian age" as you guys would know it, primitive guns were in fact developed

history ;)


Yea,I know.They had great damage,but not so good accuracy.

"he hit everything except the target"

"aims for the ground..misses"

tell that to the 7 people who downvoted

actually wait, some have done it cause my balancing sucks

No,I think it's not problem with that.However maybe some random haters or baby d*cks did it cuz' of their huge dissagreement having thought of such firearm being added which will eventually pose a threat and very likely the rage of not being able to change anything that comes in their benefit.But I can be wrong.

but you can be wrong

im sorry, but


i know i deserve the clorox punishment for this but i really want rezoner to take a look at this idea

so plez no haet frends :)

I won't hate you for that,just to say that you make it hard for yourself,not me.And it's ok If you're hyped for all this,just saying word "bump" is wasting space and does nothing.Other than that,you don't need bleach just yet.


you keep saying that the word bump is useless but i dont share your opinion, it informs you that I've bumped a topic on purpose. Some people dont realize they are bumping topics when they leave comments. Thats why the word bump is needed.


I don t hate,just point out that ppl could be a bit more smarter and actually start to see how much could they done if they were just noticing time skip which takes literally a second or 2.Just chill.Everything is fine.

But still they can see from time when previous comment was posted.

i know this, but i bumped this post on purpose, some dont do that, thats why the word bump is needed

to make you know i did it intendedly


last post revived ;)


charge time: 1.5x bow charge time

bullet speed: same as arrow

bullet damage: 1.5-2 i think

melee attack: same as bow

special:grape shot, 1 DMG to all enemies in a really small area(about the size of the hammer special)

What about the potato ?


This was an awful idea, just make a pve mode.

keep your ideas to your own posts