Your comments

For Halloween I would have:

-Vampire's Fangs as a new Hat.

-Map redesign (addind bats (like chicken for Easter) and some candies (heal 1HP)).

-Tombstones (like in Graveyard mode) new relieves.

-Zombies (Gobelin's AI level, can't run, more life, stronger than Gobelin (damage) and chase you in groups like 3/4 Zombies)

 Werewolves (Ogre's AI level with differents attacks, more life than Player lesser than Ogre, run faster than Player, screams sometimes like old stories and drop a lot of gold and candies).

I don't know if you can add so many features but thanks for reading my comment.

Same. I can't play anymore on the servers.

Extreme graphic lags?

How about your console? (F12 then screen console interface)

I think we should have a enable/disable chat like this the talking corpses won't insult me again. xD

No problem anymore with this new update.

Why every posts that I make got 1 dislike?

It's not a low ping contest, I'm here to report a bug.

I don't really know about Bandicam, I just use it for reporting bugs.
Also for my ping it's really easy. My computer is just next to my Internet box but it has already 15 years old now I hadn't Internet since 1 week (maybe from a DDoS). I just came back here and everything in the game has changed...

PS:Don't be jealous.