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I don't understand this"The typical to rectify someone is to be the phases 1 vs 1 vs 1 2 3 1vs etc ..."

Well we just have to wait for Rezoner...

I've made an old post about my experience in this game and its community ( aren't alone.
Here is the big problem in the game's tchat.
Rezoner should add a blacklist for the words in the tchat. With this, a great majority of words could be forbid. If a player bypass this blacklist I think he/she will be muted more longer than 1 minute because it's not enough. If he/she backslide I think a ban could be applied...
I'm not the Creator, I don't know if measures will be taken. But WE can just wait for this tchat update...

I think you should create a post about this if you want more answers.

If you want the spears free, so what about the players who bought it with 2000 golds?

I don't know why do you like it Oo

Well thanks for the replies everyone.
I'll think about this mecanics.

It's not a report for bugs but an idea to fix a limit for the clones.

Lol theses trees are OP Have to fix it Rezoner :)