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C'est le fait de foncer, tu appuies deux fois sur une touche directionnelle il y a 5 secondes de rechargement.

En plus il y a un guide dans le forum tu peux aller chercher ou aider la communaut├ę :

My question is simple : "What do you think about the game's evolution and its community"?

Oops I wrote too quickly ^^

Bronze coin worth 1. Sorry for the error and thanks for showing me.

I agree. It's nice to see some people in the community who help the Dev'

First player but he quits...


So the bones farming exploit still exist with this empty server, am I right?

But why is there an empty server?

I agree. Only one month I have already reached 9k bones.

So you mean we can buy textures for the throwing weapons with gold am I right ?

For this bug I don't really know. I opened a new windows for going to the topics then when I came back all of the sprites were laggy.

When I attack the sprite is restored but after the attack the sprites lag again.

When I'm hurt the sprite is restored but 1sec. after the sprite lag again too