King Of The Hill Event (KOTH)

Derpie 7 years ago updated by savage doge 7 years ago 3

Hello Everyone,

I saw some people asking for adding a King Of The Hill gamemode but not a lot of people saw it:



I'm here to give my version of this gamemode:

-This gamemode is intended to Tribe players.

-A new large map with relieves (forts, high lands, etc), with a ZONE with a different color (like purple like this we can see limits) filled with slabs and MONSTERS (Hord of Yetis, Ogres, Wave of Gobelins, maybe new monsters?) to defend this place.

-There will be a lot of places with Item Spawners. (In ZONE too.)

-The players have to WORK in TEAM and STAY in this ZONE to score.(Staying on a slab for 1 second give 1 point for your Tribe)

-There'll be any Team like in DEFAULT gamemodes (no brown/ no gray/ no none).

-There'll be just Tribe Team (every Tribes are a team and every members are in their team).

-A LIMIT of points will be fixed by the developper (In time like 30 minutes or in Points like 800 Points).

-The countdown or the counter interface will be under gold interface (We can see it).

-There'll be 3 Tribes Winners : Rewards can be an amount of gold more or less important to Tribe members who have participated ONLY. 

(If Ex Aequo: the Tribes will get the same amount as their places...)

-This gamemode is just an Event, we can only play once per months (or 2 weeks) because the rewards are OverPowered in time...

Hope you enjoy my idea and also sorry for my bad English.


I could correct something in your description, but I just scrolled down to comments to post a reply. I don't know why am I doing this.

So, why have you done?

so many grammar mistakes