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There is a daily gold cap of 200.
You can still get gold by having recruits, facebook sharing links and winning Football, Browars or Arena matches.
You lose your gold only when you lose a match in those ranked gamemodes depending of the amount showed on the GUI next to players in queue.

Add "Ew" emote.

You've maybe reached the daily gold cap.

To earn more gold even if you reach the gold cap, you can :

-Collect gold from finished quests (4/day with an amount between 50 and 250 gold),

-Play Arena, Browars or Football and win (You get more gold when your rank is higher),

-Collect gold from your recruits (10% from what they earn),

-Share a Facebook link that can pop up sometimes below your quests like this picture.


I hope it could be useful for you.

Anthony got banned by Egzekutor for 3 weeks or something like that after running reports.

Just use waiting strat to beat them, the chance to win is 100%.

If you still have the black screen bug, try to :
-change browser,
-clear cache,
-delete cookies.

Yes it works again.

I checked my anti-virus, firewall, proxy/vpn, cleared the browser's cache, cookies, changed browsers, verified the ad-blockjers, uninstalled/ reinstalled the browsers and it still doesn't work for me.

We need a fix for this problem.