Relieves bug

Derpie 7 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago 9

I don't know if this bug is reported but some hitboxes in the map's relief are strange.

Youtube video

its very weird


wow you had bandicam on and you still had a ping between 3 and 5

I don't really know about Bandicam, I just use it for reporting bugs.
Also for my ping it's really easy. My computer is just next to my Internet box but it has already 15 years old now I hadn't Internet since 1 week (maybe from a DDoS). I just came back here and everything in the game has changed...

PS:Don't be jealous.

Doubt your service was denied unless you have enemies. Also bandicam shouldn't affect your ping unless it's hijacking your internet

Why is your ping so low???

I naturally get 13 

i get 103-109... in NA.

My ping on servers in this game

EU 60-100ms

Brazil 100-150ms

US 50-90ms <-- lol

AS 800-1700ms

It's not a low ping contest, I'm here to report a bug.

Yeah, we know, but why I have lower ping in US server than in EU server if I'm living in Poland?