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I don't really know this is my first record with a recording software.

I take about 5-15 minutes for collecting my daily gold, it depends of the players attacking you.
My armory looks like this:
I've bought every weapons and still left 7410 gold. I think new weapons with more expensive cost could be good to me.

lol France's Oculus cost 60 euros xD

Have to fix it Rezoner! :)

Good idea this filter is pretty cool for raging players. I think a mute 1min+ should be added for more "Salt".

Good idea but I don't think kill 5 players in a row is "Hard".

Also for the task you should add a button for enable/ disable  the quest interface.


This exploit is still not fixed...

Hmmm ok but if we have a history mode de everyone have to play in solo mode or still in multiplayers mode?