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Can we modify throw range? Like by holding it down more like charging?

Maybe a storage box for an entire team?

Other players could loot them?

Also you could store items by throwing them to boxes that would seal up?

Just a thought! :D


MORE TREE CHOPPING! IT MUST COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!! #Spaghettisquad #Treechopping

Finally! I was going to make this post but I guess Egzy beat me to it.

I created the Idea and I end up having the same problem all the time too. I hope this gets added so I can shop in Peace. :D

The idea is really "cool" Get it? XD Im very PUNny :D

Yay! Only Three days! Im very Surprised Rez said yes so fast! Also, it only took 12 Upvotes?!? SO COOL! :D

Very Nice, I really wanted this for a long time