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I think I made a similar post about some ideas for improving the map here:

I think it got buried cause there were other more important things that had to be fixed but maybe it could have a comeback now? 

Anyways, for those who are lazy and don't want to read the post here is the long story short:

Passive Gold count according to how much land you have?

Prestige for the Guild for how much land they have?

Maybe for the survival gamemode you could also have shadows aswell?

Maybe there could be yeti/ogre Spawners you have to kill to move on?

Also you could get a coin reward for finishing.

Awesome ideas nonetheless! 

Awesome Sprites and ideas :D 

Also, maybe we could create a cave that has ogres in it?

And for the sand worm we could have an eagle nest instead with the chest inside. 

Anyways again, im gunna say AWESOME!

Maybe instead of Buffs/Debuffs they would be called status effects?

This could possibly go with the Shaman maybe?

Also, this gave me an idea to add debuffs and buffs into the game. It would be cool to see how they would effect the gameplay. 

You know what? Imma make a post on that now :D

Huh, daggers eh? We could use the "dagger" idea for the Extra Long Claws maybe?

But if not, daggers for swords would be AMAZING!

Also, thanks ;)

Double Axe Special: Not versatile enough like other specials, Much weaker. (imo)

Suggestion: Increase Movement/Attack Speed

Double Sword: Needs to have less Base Attack Damage (Already has a fast as hell attack speed) 

Reason: It will quickly outshine the other weapons with its already amazing Special (Also if you can get 2 attacks with a 1 shot a second weapon you can get 4 with this one if you get the stun off?!)

Pike/Halbard: Lower attack speed and increase attack damage.

Reason: I don't think its supposed to attack as fast as 2 Weapons but should have the damage

(Not enough time to read Crossbow) 

Extra Long Claws (Idk a name either)

0.25 extra attack speed.

Reason: Double Sword attacks faster then hand claws? I feel like its easier to swing your fist rather then a sword.

Ogre's Hammer (Do you like the name?) 

Everythings good on this one ;)

Heat Staff (Good Name?) 

Special: Lava Orb 

Leaves behind trail of magma that applies "burnt" debuff (Dealing 0.25 Damage ever second over the course of 4 Seconds) 


(I accidentally closed the page twice)

Hope this is pretty good, this is my first real BIG suggestion post.

Sushi, just make a Discord server xD

You can have all the hit-lists you want there.

I agree, and this would also make the screen nicer and more "complete" in my opinion.