Buffs and Debuffs?

M3rchant/DragonThrasher 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 13

(Disclaimer, I got this idea from Jashin)

So, I was thinking. What could make this game better?

To get some inspiration I scrolled through UserEcho and found a post made by Jashin about magic. It got me thinking, maybe instead of Magic we could have Buffs/Debuffs. 

This may sound crazy but let me explain.

Damage is dealt through a variety of ways, such as throwing things, hitting people with things, and Shooting things.

What if we could do damage in a different way?

This idea would add in a variety of different Buffs/Debuffs into the game to make a more, disruptive element to the game.

For example: Burning Debuff

Image 2464

You could get this debuff from the archers special or mines/bombs.

It would deal 0.25 damage per second (Lasts 4 Seconds)

Also, you could have Buffs.

For example: Healing Buff

Image 2465

You could get this buff from Health Potions (Health Potions would now be an over time effect) 

It would heal 0.5 Health Per second (Lasts 4 Seconds)

Anyways, these are some ideas I thought of. 

Post any ideas you have in the comments :D

(Also, if you think this is trash, its fine I think its kinda weird too xD)

P.S: This could slide right in with Shaman maybe? Ideas :D

Seems good,especially the mechanic of bow special.+1

For future: Opposite word of buff is nerf.


Nerf wand, it´s too OP... :P i don´t know how to write cause i can´t beat an average wand player :P

Wand is in ny opinion really easy to to beat,in fact boring a bit,it shouldn't be nerfed,buffed;dunno,don't mind.

Maybe instead of Buffs/Debuffs they would be called status effects?

Yea,it makes more sense.


heh terraria

I think the flames are probably unnecessary, because both the mine and the fire arrow are both pretty good, but maybe if you sat too close to a campfire you'll catch on fire? Or if there's a fire wand - that would work. But it would be nice to have the healing buff symbol so that new players understand why they're flashing when near the campfire


I don't understand the fire one. Couldn't you just make the bomb deal more damage? It would  I be op then. Is there a way to put out the fire?

Yea,just roll into tall grass or dry bushes.

well...i like concept alot...if you look at any bigger mmorpg you can see buffs and debuffs...but i would change the concept of fire to posion...posion could be a DOT (damage over time) ...?