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So, I used to play this game called Shadow Fight 2

You could buy magic in the shop with currency

So I thought that we could have elemental magic that could be bought for 7500 each

This would also go along with Ukryty's comment about using mana instead of stamina for the ice wand.

We could have fire, water, earth, and wind, with different properties like slowing down an enemy for earth, setting someone on fire with fire (duh), pushing someone from a distance with air, and... well idk what 2 do with water.

I will list the damage properties here so nobody thinks it's OP:
Fire: Burns someone for 3 seconds, each second dealing 0.5 or 0.25 damage (goes along with water idea) also had these ideas: 

a circle of fire surrounds you for 7 seconds
anyone who touches you in the circle gets set on fire with same properties
or have a flamethrower stream come out of ur hands for 5 seconds

Water: I dunno, maybe trap someone in a bubble? (The magic is supposed to be a more defensive move imo) (just realized we already have an ice wand, I'm dumb)
Earth: Slows enemy down by 25% for 3 seconds (again, defensive)
Air: Pushes over opponent, sending them a good distance away

All of these would require a mana bar which would be completely drained when u use one of these moves

Tell me what you think!


mana can just be blue orbs or a blue potion that you get from killing enemies or u can get the potion from item pedestals

So basically a defensive spell thingy that you can use whenever you fill up your mana bar, which isn't that often. 

I don't know...I feel like it would kinda be a pay-to win thing, because it would give you an edge against players who can't afford it.

i thought 7500 was a reasonable price tho

Seems legit but still,as Crow said,would be somewhat difficult for players without it.The price is ok,but in which shape the elements will be,maybe books or so,I dunno.

This could possibly go with the Shaman maybe?

Also, this gave me an idea to add debuffs and buffs into the game. It would be cool to see how they would effect the gameplay. 

You know what? Imma make a post on that now :D

Seems legit.I will upvote first.

He stole my idea to his idea!? Oh wait, I did same with my boomerang idea.

Cool idea but i think each class should have offensive defensive and maybe neutral spells. Also how many spells could you use ingame?


My ideas about the spells were:


Attack:Fireball. Deals 0.5 damage at first and 0.5 each second for 3 more seconds. Can be blocked.Inflicts damage only to 1 person. Price: about 7500 coins

Defense: Circle of fire, if somebody touches it it deals 0.5 damage per second as long as they remain in contact with it. Duration: 4-5 seconds. Price- 5000 coins


 Attack: wave of water  that deals 1 damage, similar to the axe special, can be jumped over. Price:7000 coins

Defense: Healing bubble of water, also works as armor with 4 HP, lasts 5 seconds and heals 0.5 HP per second. Price: 7000 coins


attack: air stream that pushes away the target dealing 0.2 damage or so. Rather fast than powerful. Price:5000 coins

defense: circle of wind that pushes away projectiles, also enemies that are running/jumping/rolling so they can only walk, hit, kick and block. lasts 5 seconds. Price 5000 coins


Attack: Shockwave towards the enemy. 0.5 damage plus slowing down. Cost:5000 coins

Defense: Shockwave around self, knocks everyone over, 1 damage. Cost:7000 coins


Attack: lightning strike where the cursor points. Very high mana cost. 2 damage, one target only, unblockable. It needs a visual indicator before it strikes( like a yellow circle or smth becouse otherwise it would be way too OP). Price:8000 coins


Defense: Zap dash, sort of teleporting, double the range of normal dash, while dashing you are invulnerable, everyone you zap dash through gets same damage as shield bash and maybe also knocked over. Price:7500 coins

Each power should have a cooldown of about 5 seconds( might depend on the spell)

Also I know some of these might be OP and maybe we need spells that wont change the gameplay drastically

Although I made these ideas, i dont really like them applied to all the players, because the game will suddenly change into a magical combat, so maybe they could serve as bases for new staffs or other magical weapons?

i like it, just that all of the attacks are supposed to use a full mana bar

This is good,but still consumes a lost of mana.But how many could mana potion restore ?

1/4 or 1/3

maybe defense can use half and offense can use full

Good thinking.Thanks.

Interesting idea, but it would give you more of an edge against poor/and or new players. Imagine if you got on for the first time, your name is balin, and u can't kill anyone because they keep lighting you on fire, AND shooting you with arrows, and using invincible specials on you. That wouldn't be very fair.

But heck, it would make stamina potion way better, so hell yeah +1