Tribe map is cool, but needs an upgrade

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I feel like the tribe map is a cool feature in wilds.io, but it's not as helpful as possible and it's kind of hard to read. I think it could be better and more informative if it were upgraded a little.

First off, we all agree that the tribe map is a little hard to read, right? For example:

Image 2004

I stared at the map for around 5 minutes straight and I'm still kind of unsure how big the vigilantes territory is. There are also some confusing parts to the map that throw me off, like this random brown patch right in the middle.

Image 2005

Despite the strange bits, the map is still a neat feature that shouldn't be removed. There just need to be some edits.

My first idea is to make a tribe leaderboard in the large blank space to the right of the map. This would show players which tribes are in the lead and give tribes something to shoot for(we've gotta beat THEMK guys! Get more bones!). There could also maybe be a monthly/weekly gold reward for your place on the leaderboard?

My second idea was to make the map more helpful by giving more info about individual tribes and defining the borders a little better. If you hover your mouse over the territories, they should be outlined in white so that you get an idea of how big the territory is. Then, if you click on the tribe, a little box would pop up that displays more information about them, such as the total bone count, member count, average number of bones(bones divided by number of players), and a link to the bulletin.

Image 2007Image 2015

The first picture would be hovering the mouse over a territory(I chose SPY because it was relatively easy to outline). The picture to the right would be what happens when you click on the territory.

The one problem I can see with this is that smaller and newer tribes will be crowded out of the picture by larger tribes because of the spot on the leaderboard. I don't know how that would be fixed or whether it would be a big issue :(

I've also seen some good tribe-related ideas recently, so maybe it's time for a tribe update?



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tribe map 2.0

nice post my dude

I think I made a similar post about some ideas for improving the map here:


I think it got buried cause there were other more important things that had to be fixed but maybe it could have a comeback now? 

Anyways, for those who are lazy and don't want to read the post here is the long story short:

Passive Gold count according to how much land you have?

Prestige for the Guild for how much land they have?

well this is a good idea
bones, or nah
and a pic of the bulletin or nah if the owner does not put it