New Gamemode

J4sh1n 7 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 7 years ago 3

So, I was playing Killzone and BO2 a lot today, and I had the idea for a new gamemode. I don't have a name for it, but all the mini-quests in this gamemode use the same map.

The first mini-quest is hardpoint. In hardpoint, a team defends a certain location for points. Once you reach the limit, your team wins.

The map that could suit this could be a stone fort in the center of the map, which is elevated on a rocky platform. Vegetation (if implemented) could be put around the place. Only the gray and brown team can play in this gamemode. Gray's spawnpoint would be on the left, and brown would be on the right of the fort. Structures could be put around the place, to provide cover from ranged weaponry. The fort could have 4 towers, 1 for each corner, where a grunt with a ranged weapon can enter and fire with no height limitation. Item pedestals/shops and traps can be placed around in certain locations.

Both teams would theoretically race for the fort. At the start, both teams can pass through the gates. A flag would be placed in the center, but there would not be a storage center or ramparts/ramps. The gates would be 1.5x stronger than the wooden gates of a wooden fort. Once a team takes the fort, the other team has to break through the fort. There would be 5 people on each time, automatically assigned at spawn. For each member in the fort, 1 point will be gained. There could be a counter in the top center. Once a team gets to 250 or 500 points, they win. (M3rchant's idea): For each person killed on the team that is currently holding the fort, 1 to 3 points could go to the team not holding the fort. There could be multiple forts, and the hardpoint could move around, bit I think it is better to stick with 1 fort for now.

My second mini-quest would be assassination. The assassination mode could use the same map, with 5 members each team, and a person on one team or the other is randomly selected to be assassinated. The team with the target has to defend the target for 1:30-2 min. Once a target has been assassinated 3 times, the team who assassinated them wins.

My third mini-quest is Team Deathmatch. That's it. Good old fashioned team deathmatch, first team to 50-100 kills wins.

My fourth mini-quest idea would be survival (suggested by a lot of people, but M3rchant reminded me). Same map, everyone is on the same team, 10 people req. to start a game, and there are rounds. Each round gets harder. First round could be 3 goblins, second round could be 10, third round could be a yeti and 15 goblins, etc. The total monster count should not exceed 50 as to not strain performance. Ogres and yetis will be able to smash the gates. All monsters need to be killed to move onto the next round.

All of these gamemodes would last until the # limit is reached/all people are dead (survival)

Maybe for the survival gamemode you could also have shadows aswell?

Maybe there could be yeti/ogre Spawners you have to kill to move on?

Also you could get a coin reward for finishing.

Awesome ideas nonetheless! 

Seems lit and legit,especialy the survival and deathmatch.+1.

nice ideas, I wanted to post one similar to the stone fort defense but didnt, cause 1 idea per week rule, I'll post it next week and will mention you