Da'Hit List!

sushisling3r 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 20

hey this is an idea that i had based on a conversation i had in-game.

How This Works:

1. you comment down below who you want to kill

2. somebody hunt that person down and kill them

3. reply to the kill request "oh i killed druggie and stuff.. blah blah blah"

the main point is just to have fun

remember this is just for a bit of roleplaying and meant to be fun

Discretion: try not to kill the target to many times it irks me so it'll probably irk them too.

PS: you can add a reward to the hit request if you like :)

here ill start us off

this guy called treeleftovers0_0 keeps claw specialing then running away it get kinda annoying.

find him and kill him >:D

reward: uhhhhh.... ill help you capture a fort?

and give you 2 hp pots or something


Sushi, just make a Discord server xD

You can have all the hit-lists you want there.


Kill me in game. Good luck. (Yea I might be joking (Tho it'll be near impossible)

That  confidence though.May I ask what weapon do you use?


Nothing is impossible for me ;)

No doubt since you're one of our veterans.

I might be joking because I stopped playing the game anymore, so seeing me in the game is really rare. Also I play pretty much all the weapons (Ice staff needs to be fixed (not by buffs but its mechanics). My mains are sword, bow, hammer, spear, and claws, also a little bit of ice staff and axe if it seems to be the counter to my enemy (I use weapons that are the best choice to go against the opponent). I meant impossible as mean seeing me in the game itself and how difficult I might be ;l Smh I wasted 3 months in 2016 and 6 months in 2017 just to stop playing in the end .-.

I mean,it's ok if you use every weapon equally,but what's seriously your go-to weapon you're best at comparing other weapons.

I use weapons that the opponent has trouble against. The most common weapons I use to fight is the bow and sword, and I don't really have a "best" i guess :l (I'm trying to get better with spear after I saw its ultimate potential) smh back to name changing :l

Ok,I understand.Of to tougher choice.What do you choose;sword or bow?

Bow for confusion, sword for just decent combat. I preferably choose sword in the EU server, because there's less aiming involved and more mental deciding, but I still use bow for people like Mistodel. The US server is bow+sword, because I can properly aim with bow and confuse/bait players with the bow, while having little lag with the sword.

Basically bow for US, sword for anything else most of the time.

So you're basically Link.


Maybe it's better if you do this on discord.

Brinh it to discord, buddy. The forum is not a chat. Its for ideas, bugs and other stuff, but not shenanigans  like this.

Ok,dude,chill.Don't call me buddy,it's weird.