Two Handed Weapons (v2)

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So, I saw this post (https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/2883-two-handed-weapons/), and I decided to elaborate on it.

Double Bladed Axe (lol r34p3r)
Damage: 2.25
Charged Attack: 2.25
Special: Rage (r34p3r's idea; https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/4089-big-update-new-weaponsmobsbossitems/)
Haste effect for three seconds
+0.25 damage per hit
Attack Speed: 1 hit per second

Two Swords
Damage: 1.75
Charged Attack: 1.75
Special: Lunge
Jump up into the air and stab with both swords
Deals 2.25 damage
Attack Speed: 1 hit every 0.5 seconds or 0.75 seconds

Damage: 1.5
Charged Attack: 1.75
Special: Sweep
Sweep the weapon in front of you, dealing 2 damage to everyone hit
Attack Speed: 1 hit every 0.5 seconds

Stats discussed here: https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/4067-crossbowmusketusing-items-on-weapons/
(Don't know if I added this in post) Attack Speed: 1 shot every 1.5 seconds and 1 melee hit every 1.75 seconds
Longbow (Dark's Idea)
Damage: 0.5 per melee hit
Charged Attack: Need to be stationary to fire, deals 2 or 2.75 damage per arrow. If 2 damage is chosen, arrow will knock over opponent
Special: Triple Arrow
Name says it, 3 arrows which go in (relatively) the same direction, each deals 1 damage
Attack Speed: 1 arrow every 1.5 seconds and 1 melee hit every 0.75 seconds

Extra Long Claws (Needs a better name)
Damage: 1.5 or 1.75
Charged Attack: 1.5 or 1.75
Special: Rapid Fire
Charge forward like with normal claws, but slash forward very quickly 7 times
Deals 0.25 damage per hit
Attack Speed: 1 hit every 0.75 seconds

Thor's Hammer (Doesn't have to be named as such but would be fitting for the special (maybe God's hammer?))
Damage: 2
Charged Attack: 2
Special: Lightning Strike OR Paralyzing Strike
Lightning strike can be directed; deals 2.5 damage
Paralyzing Strike stuns opponent and deals 1.5 damage
Attack Speed: 1 hit per 1.5 seconds

(Fire) Scepter
Damage: 0.75 per melee hit
Charged attack: 1.5 damage per bolt
Special: Firebolt
Medium speed firebolt, very big, deals 2 damage to anyone hit
Sets anyone hit on fire, deals 0.25 damage for 3 seconds
Attack Speed: 1 shot every 0.5 seconds and 1 melee hit every 1.5 seconds

Double Axe Special: Not versatile enough like other specials, Much weaker. (imo)

Suggestion: Increase Movement/Attack Speed

Double Sword: Needs to have less Base Attack Damage (Already has a fast as hell attack speed) 

Reason: It will quickly outshine the other weapons with its already amazing Special (Also if you can get 2 attacks with a 1 shot a second weapon you can get 4 with this one if you get the stun off?!)

Pike/Halbard: Lower attack speed and increase attack damage.

Reason: I don't think its supposed to attack as fast as 2 Weapons but should have the damage

(Not enough time to read Crossbow) 

Extra Long Claws (Idk a name either)

0.25 extra attack speed.

Reason: Double Sword attacks faster then hand claws? I feel like its easier to swing your fist rather then a sword.

Ogre's Hammer (Do you like the name?) 

Everythings good on this one ;)

Heat Staff (Good Name?) 

Special: Lava Orb 

Leaves behind trail of magma that applies "burnt" debuff (Dealing 0.25 Damage ever second over the course of 4 Seconds) 


(I accidentally closed the page twice)

Hope this is pretty good, this is my first real BIG suggestion post.

mmm maybe 1 second attack speed for swords or 1.25 damage
maybe daggers instead of swords?

also i like ur fire staff special ;)

Seems legit but still quite a work to do.Also longbow seems great for actuall sniping in this game.But wouldn't lightning be too op with it's damage if stunn will be quite long.And claws special of dealing for every of these 7 hits 0.25 dmg be a little bit op,same for fire.Still +1 .

uh i dont think i stated the hammer special clearly
there are two options, the lightning with no stun or paralyzing strike with stun


Huh, daggers eh? We could use the "dagger" idea for the Extra Long Claws maybe?

But if not, daggers for swords would be AMAZING!

Also, thanks ;)

Instead of making new weapons,lets just add an option  in the menu,this doesnt work for claws,for any other weapon you cant block and cant be disaarmed

It'd be actually good to add removable shields in the menu,I agree cuz' it's not logical to have both claws and shield at same time,same for bow,the actual 2 weapons that take both hands for usage.

The Thor hammer's special reminded me something I forgot long ago: The weapons' specials do not need to be realistic or make sense somehow. They just need to be useful and balanced. Thank you +1


there is a person called v2


no shit sherlock

Where's sword of Excalibur?

I may have thrown it...

i think two handed weapons will be good,more weapon option = diffrent fight styles = epic fights.so +1

i forgot to state, you can block with the weapons, but damage is reduced to half, and the block does not stun


This would be interesting, as the meta would become completely different than what it is now! (at least I hope, Rollpinning is still VERY common, even among n3wbs.) Also: here's a name for the "Extra Long Claws" how about Shredders? It would fit, seeing as the current state of claws is striking out everywhere you can, and dealing as much damage whilst still being able to avoid. though with Shredders maybe reduce the movement speed. 

I also like the idea of the Pike/Halb(e*)rd. it would make the spear more useful and slightly favored.


tbh almost no one uses claws except for the special which is kinda irritating

It's similar with the bow.A lot of players only used special and until it's charged,they just used it for close range hitting and it's awkward to see that aswell.

what if you had a 5% chance to avoid shield when hitting with claws? O.o

So you have 105% chance to avoid shield when hitting enemy from his back?

Good work

https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/3114-one-upgrade-for-each-weapon/ lol i just remembered this
maybe mace would be better than hammer idk

I think it's normal and charged attack would deal 0.5 more damage than hammer's attacks,but way slower.

bump (with an actual reason to)

i realize now that some of my stats were unbalanced, so ill correct them here:

a pike is not that light, so i would make the attack speed 0.75 seconds

i also think that the name shredders, ogres hammer, minotaurs axe, and daggers would be better names

i also made a typo with the fire staff, a fire bolt would deal 1.5 damage, not two

the attack speed for fire scepter would also be increased to 1.75 seconds

i cant judge your stats for im not an expert and I believe that no matter how hard we try, only rezoner can fully balance any weapon through testing and so on

+1 though nice post