Who is 'You' ??

UgandianWarrior 3 years ago updated by Mild Mannered Pate 3 years ago 13


So...this guy again...huh uh

Well  If you notice , He's a calm and quiet.

I have a very strange feeling it's somebody very calm like SheePy ....

Like this guy is a fan of Seal and Ukryty or something and here is why I think it's Beep bbeep im a sheep guy (SheePy):

So,SheePy's troll posts are mostly bumped by Seal and Ukryty so when he made a apology post for them and other peeps he especially apologized to Seal and Ukryty...

He had a reason to apology to them,he felt  guilty  and sorry...

So he made a alt that will praise them (lol)...

But this time he was calm and didn't comment / react to posts ....

He reacted only on post which envolved Seal and Ukryty...

Well Isn't it obvious it's SheePy??

That's a myth ,I have some of the evidence but not enough .

I have no proof over it.

It couldn't be anyone.....



P.S fuck grammar nazis :p

(don't be one :l)

...Speculation vs myth. .-. Use the words correctly damn it. lmao

Sheepy apologiesed to my since he targeting me from beggining and I reppeled him off.Now that I've forgiven him,he's nicer than before to me.Jeez,lana,did ya' ever think of that?!

Replied to the wrong person ¬_¬

well he feels guilty :v


This moment when you again see post which strongly help game...


I'm gonna be mad if we have more useless posts instead of ones that contribute to wilds but apparently that's where we're heading.

,-, Pretty much...

Took you long enough