For late thanksgiving

Moms Spaghetti 6 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 6 years ago 11

Im thankful that sheepy, ukryty, beep beep im a sheep kept this forum alive. Look at the list of topics on the front page, 32/50 of the topics have nothing to do with wilds,(and most of those topics are about them) imagine not having those topics lol

I'm the hero!

*heroic music in background*

*Shoots arrow through heroic music playing stereo as it blows up*

Those comments surely pointed out but they did nothing to contribute to game at all.

Me and Ukryty being consumed by dark side of forum is further proof of what I've just said.

Ukryty and I is proper grammar, not me and Ukryty


stop this roleplay bullshit please

I almost expected me to be on there

I only post my garbage ideas and haven't been on for days...I'm pretty lazy with all this...soo yeah...um....(I like using dot-dot-dots... :D).

It's incredible how this forum isnt dead.

Because on forum still exists people who care about this place.


We've always got something to argue for, right?

And very stubborn members..

Welp..better that than leaving forum behind in the dust...