Ogre Throw Glitch

Etheric Form 7 years ago updated by J4sh1n 7 years ago 11

I was playing when an ogre had thrown me and I ended up in the shed in the fort. I could not move nor get out until someone got a rope and got me out. Fixed this please. It is very game breaking if you cannot get out and defend yourself if people gathered around you and killed you.

Does it mean someone could bring you to his inventory and use you?

*facepalm with my infusion meds*

to think that seal fooled mild mannered pate into thinking he would change

Hey,don't judge already.It'd be like me judging you by your ability to be less toxic and salty asf.


your apology post was three weeks ago, i think that is enough time to change. it either happens or it doesnt.

Still I made way less comments than before and I dunno why you can't see that.Ok,hating me is already counted but srsly,man?

You can't tell I'm spamming the bejesus out of this forum since I didn't.I just responded every once in a while.And if you can't even see that or even admit it,then it's pointless to send your salty criticizm since you won't change anything.

And that's why J4sh1n is wearing glasses.

and thats why you two need to get the fuck out

This happened to me once with 30+ bones. Needless to say, all alone in a fort which is currently being taken, on half health, I didn't last long. Screaming for a rope didn't help, seeing as the invaders mostly speak spanish and portugese -_-