Wildsenstein 2D

Seva Kotletki S Pureschkoy 4 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 27.05.2020) 4 years ago 9

This is a gamemode *But is so hard to add* You will connect to random maze with 20 players. This Maze will Reference to Wolfenstein 3D *Wolfenstein=Wildsenstein *Wilds maked on 2D* And It turns out Wildsensetin 2D XD. This Maze will dark, But will be illuminated with the help of torches. Decorations= Cages, Skulls, bones, Bowls with food for wolves *Reference to Dogs from Wolf3D* Flags *not with nazi symbol but with Wolf symbol* chairs, tables, Photos. *I think make some Hitler photos, Or Photos of Rezoner but... It will be offend* Well, I decided to make a photo of the king of wolves instead of Adolf Hitler. Enemies Wolf team bots but from german *Reference to Nazis from Wolf3D* And......... In end of maze you will see leader of ^nazis^= THIS IS NOT BOSS. This is just guy with armour and smalll more HP. He will drop coins and you will win. P.S i know this is not One Idea Per Week, But i decied. When my idea not in top DONT BUMP IT!. You can only vote.


I'm tired of these shitty ideas


Why Rez don't ban Seva? :(

I also think seva needs to go on a vacation

All vacation, even trash-home vacation is too expensive for him!


Fucking Idea


Seva, your imagination is great, but Rezoner can't simply add a random idea to the game. You have to think of wilds.io's potential, what might suit the game? Is there anything in-game that needs something to be added? etc.