Make some changes in the fort

Wordify 4 years ago updated by Vigilante Gaming 4 years ago 1

Problem: The fort is a commonly used place in the game where lots of battles are made. Some parts of the fort are more used more then others including the fire, the storage, and the flags (lots of battles). Places like the upstairs of the fort have no action.

Solution: I was thinking of adding a gold shop in the fort moved from the fort near the bottom of the middle map  (I will add a screenshot) and some item chests. This will give more excitement throughout the fort. The upstairs would have some item chests and the gold shop would be near the middle of the fort. Maybe add a gold chest to make a bigger battle towards this chest.


(If you disagree with anything I say please state it in the comments so I know!)

I disagree with this because if you add any form of gold farming, all people will do is farm for gold and lack maintaining the base in the teams occupation. It would disrupt the overall flow of combat in my opinion with some players just wanting to farm while others want to have all out combat.