Clans in wilds.io

Rezak 7 years ago updated by Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago 8

I was asked to join a clan, but they are in the game or is it just a bunch of players who were called clan

The guild 'system' are not listed in the game, for they are a mixture of people who are named in a guild, such as The Vigilantes. We have a Discord chat full of members who team up to make the game better through helping updates, notifying bugs, and having clean and fun fights. People can create guilds if they wish too, but too many guilds in a game can cause corruption. The Vigilante guild is the oldest and most popular guild in the history of Wilds.io. Our motto is:

"The Vigilante way is the way that brings the community and game together in unity. The goal of our guild is to be together with the developers of the game in order to bring clean, well-made, efficient gameplay to Wilds.io. Every member that is in our guild is special in their own way for they are each a contribution to making the game better than it ever will be!" -Saii

We recruit only the best of the best, and you could be on! Do your part for Wilds.io and make the game better by joining The Vigilantes!

I Rezak. Nevertheless, I decided to accept your proposal about joining your guild

Great to hear that. You can go to the wilds.io general chat and say "I'm here". I will message you with our guild invite then.

I should clarify that Rezoner has said that he will implement the guild system and it is one of the projects that he is working on.

We are just recruiting before the update comes in order to be established and have quality members. Sorry if I sidetracked in my previous answer :)

Can i ask how much players is actually in this guild?

The Vigilante Gaming Guild is currently occupied by twenty-two members not including the following:

• Bots (2)

• Visitors (2)

• Ranked [Protected] Visitors (2)

• Streamers (2)

• Allied Leaders (1)

• Allied Members (1)

"You can never quit. Winners never quit, and quitters never win." – Ted Turner

"The Vigilante Gaming Guild is much more than a so-called, 'guild.' Our members are dedicated to doing their best, for themselves and the community. We recruit only elite members, based not just on skill but on their potential to change Wilds.io for the better. This is our 'guild' way, we will stay strong and never back down." – The Vigilantes

We only accept those with true skill. People like oatmeal who glitch, are not permitted in our guild.


no but seriously the Vigilantes just took a major loss and you probably don't want to be associated with them. Leadership? sketchy. Members? casual, unresponsive, insincere. Defenses? absolute shit. You don't need to try to get in and wreck shit as far as the Vigilantes go.