Bots in the arena

Rezak 7 years ago updated by Александр Козырнов 7 years ago 6

I met a suspicious man in the arena. He was not a man to move more, and his actions were too unexpected, and some mechanical. Its effect is very similar to the steps in trenerovke bots, and this movement, and the attack. I have not seen it before in the top of the arena, and in fact on the server as a whole, so I assumed it was logical to bot


Rezoner Please comment on anything like


learn to play noob


I was the top 1 arena

@Jaedong - You have your entire life to be a selfless jerk. Why not take today off? This website is not for pointless insults and slurs, it's made for resolving issues and bringing ideas to reality. Now, I suggest if you don't have anything nice to say, keep your comments to yourself.

I agree with your claim Rezak, I never have noticed it before you brought it up. I now see the point you are making about "players" being very crude with movements and attacks. Not blocking, delayed reactions, etc.