Public Spam - Does It Needed To Be Addressed?

Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 8

Topic of Interest: The public Wilds.io chatroom needs to be managed and maintained almost constantly due to frequent "spam attacks" and spam is more focused on in-game than it is needed in public chat. Trying to say one complex sentence that has more than 15 words in it seems to be counted as "spam" and the player is muted for 60 seconds and makes it rather difficult to carry on a normal conversation with someone in-game without type-killers (see my Safe Zones forum post).

Possible Solution: Add "coding" or detectors to catch spam in names and in text, having names such as "mini pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuu" in chat is in no way acceptable or tolerable. This issue needs to be stopped and maintained as soon as possible and there (in my opinion) is no excuse for this "spamming epidemic."

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i agree name must have limit 5-10 litters

I would say 5-10 letters, more like you can only have 5-10 letters of the same character.

The problem is that the spam block doesn't work if you just hit space and than enter over and over again.

The name length isn't a problem. I think the max right now is around 25 letters long or something, maybe make it 15 or 20.


Why not hit two birds with one stone? Solve both the name and spam issues.

Just now.... :|

Indeed, it's not needed in main chat.