Safe Zones - A Savior From Type-Killers?

Vigilante Gaming 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 8

Topic of Interest: Frequent issues of members not being able to voice in chat without being brutally slaughtered by players, bots, and mobs. This, of course, angering players; this problem having a simple solution.

Possible Solutions: There is one simple solution to this angering issue. That solution is team-individualized safe zones scattered around the map (around one or two maps). This would be a medium sized shape (circle or square) colored for the individual teams, that being gray and brown, to protect themselves from players, bots, and mobs and is only accessed when out of combat for a minimum of 10 seconds. This would also provide a visual element on where teams spawn. Any character in the opposite color safe zone would not have the granted safe zone protection. I believe the game is not further in development for adding trading stations, gold exchanges, weapon vendors, potion shops, etc. But would be a simple start to the great possible concepts later on presented in the future when the game has grown in size and has fixed numerous issues such as the one stated in this forum. Thus concluding this forum post that adding safe zones would have a large beneficial aspect to the game as a whole and would bring a sense of safety and comfort knowing that you will not be killed while you are typing. Any further positive and constructive criticism in the comments below are extremely helpful for the developers and myself to continue to branch of the success and ideals that this game has to offer as a whole community.

Further Note: The Vigilantes Guild also wants to add positive feedback to the video updates for the new wand weapon soon to be available to the public (Twitter link shown below). The members believe that this addition to the guild would be a fantastic add on to the game as a whole.


hmm. I do enjoy the concept, but there us the problem of archers firing from their safezone, or players 'kiting' opponents by pretending to advance, then fleeing to a zone. This would definitely shift the focus of each map.

Additionally, I understand that the wand is a weapon long in development, but I am wary of its effects on the style of gameplay. The few players who have the bow unlocked find it easy to cheese damage from long range targets, zoomout abuse is a problem,and I've heard from veteran players how the playstyle of the bow upsets them and the way gameplay should flow. However, I am regardless exited to see what the wand will add to the game.

This is true, but the addition of a possible arrow-barrier? To have an anti-throw barrier would solve this issue, preventing all airborne objects from hitting the safe zones.

On your view on fleeing to a zone, if you tag the player you are chasing for a minimum of ten seconds, this would prevent this. If they "pretend" to advance, and you tag them - this disables them from entering the zone.

What if we had a pause feature, so if you don't have the flag you can pause, and your character goes translucent. Although there might need to be a time limit for how long you can.

This would not work, for the simple reason of while you are in the middle of combat a player can simply just press enter to bring them invincibility when they are not actually in the process of typing.

You can just make the zone so that as soon as you leave, returning will have no effect.I really feel that this is the best option to,stop spawn campers enemies or friends,allow you to type anything you need when you are first in the zone,and on the returning part if your being chased you cant just ***** out with your zone because the chaser will still be able to damage you(or whoever leaves the zone/have left) without feeling b.s-ed.


I wouldn't say that isn't the best choice, because once you leave - you remain vulneralable to the whole reason of this forum post: Type-killers.

This is bad, you or your enemy can "spawnkill" - leave a safezone, attack an enemy and return to safezone

This is completely taken wrong by you Troll, if you read in the article it states: "...safe zones scattered around the map..." There is no possible way that the spawn camper can locate which zone will you spawn at. Due to it being random chances on where you were actually spawn.