Forum Topics - Getting Out of Control?

Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago updated by Poke Hano 7 years ago 10

Topic of Interest: The number of pointless time wasting forum posts on this website is absurd. Causing pointless topics, some not even game related!

Possible Solution: Instead of checking for pointless forum posts (examples below), why not make sub-categories? Having categories such as, "Random," "Guilds," "Game," etc.

Examples of Pointless Posts:





1+ That stupid posts sucks

http://prntscr.com/drx5wm / The post was deleted but this was the forum topic.

ANOTHER forum post is this one itself. I really do believe its out of control when someone goes out of their way to gather evidence about useless forum posts. Honestly, rezoner has better things to do than add catagories.Edit: Categories.

Poke Hano, in due respect - I thought you were a decent forum poster. But being a hypocrite is no "humorous" matter. You say my posts are "a waste of Rezoner's time," but this is coming from the person making forum posts named..

So in short, please mind your manners - and don't be a hypocrite.

This is a forum for helpful commentary, not slurs on another persons "faults."


So you yourself claimed that your a hypocrite. Well done.


Besides theres a reason why i made those posts except the last two those i made early on in the forum. The first two were ones that actually mattered and affected the game. Aswell if you are really that hurt by what i said. Stop having such a god complex. Anyways cya. Dislikes huh mmhm cat got your tongue i see.

Anyways I have better things to do and so do you so bye. We all are contributing to rezoner and i hope it to be in a positive way. So lets bury the hatchet anyways later.


You are saying how you help the game, when you are threatening players that "if you teamed - you have no choice to die." How is that helpful, that's it - it's not. You are acting like you have precious time, if your time was so precious then why post on this topic?


Well you assumed that its not my problem if you make assumptions but aside from that the teaming topic was worth rezoners time in fact why would he even put it under review. Aswell its not much of a threat.


Overall im not even seeing your intention behind these posts. Aswell "with all due respect" is not even worth saying when you point out everything that you claim are worthless topics. Besides I tried to be respectful but it seems like you would not like to repeat the process. Oh well.