Bugs - 07.01.2017

Lone Warrior 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 4

I've compiled a list of bugs that I have encountered.

1. Walls bordering the abyss in the temple are non-solid

Image 293

The walls on both sides of the abyss are non-solid. People, arrows, and knives can pass through, allowing players to snipe others from outside. Also makes access to the treasure much, much easier.

2. Shops kill you instantly

Image 287

If for any reason a player is pushed/exploded/falls into a shop, they instantly die. Some people seem to hate it and others like it because they can get rid of their opponent quickly.

Also, in the circle to my left is a table that is rather annoying to some players. It blends into the debris and since it's unbreakable, it prevents players from moving. Which brings me to a second issue:

3. Too many unbreakable items

Image 288

As you can see, there are quite a few unbreakable items in the game, which makes maneuvering difficult. I suggest either making them breakable, or remove a few. Finally, some of the furniture is placed too close to another piece of furniture or walls, and causes players to get stuck on them.

Also, the door behind me is not solid, meaning players can pass through. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not though; if it's not, it's not immediately obvious that people can pass through it.

4. Sometimes people can be invisible

Image 291

Not sure why.. but they're invisible. This seems to happen when you tab out of wilds, then tab back in, however it is not consistently reproducible.

5. CTF - Invisible hole, and non-solid walls

Image 292

The circle shows where this a hole in the floor that you cannot see, and the arrows point to walls that you can walk through.

6. CTF - Floors are darker than usual

Image 295

The floor on the left is from CTF, while the one on the right is from the Ruins. Not sure if this was intended or not, but I prefer the brighter floors, and I believe most players would agree.

7. Queue doesn't show 3v3

Image 296

As you can see, the top has 3 game modes which require queues. However, there are only two queues that can be seen. I believe it is a very fun game mode and should be kept, but since players can't tell how many people are in the queue, people get bored waiting and leave for another game mode.

8. Yetis seem to like this wall

Image 297

Maybe this wall is attractive to them? Or maybe the're performing a ritual of some kind? I'm not sure, but in any case they're all stuck there. If a player gets to close though, they attack as normal. (Must be a super-secret ritual...)

9. When throwing your weapon, sometimes you change clothes

Image 298

In this case, someone changed my pants... but sometimes all of my clothes change from one team color to another. This most often happens in training mode, but can also happen in Ruins. I have not noticed it in other game modes. Please fix this because I do not want some invisible ghost changing my clothes without my consent anymore.

10. You can access the shop in-game

Image 299

Pretty cool, and I would like this actually, but I discovered this on accident. If you click on "Play" from the main menu, and click on the store icon before the screen changes, you will start the game with this screen. As far as I can tell, you can't actually change your weapons or wearables, but there might be a way to hack from this screen. But like I said, I wouldn't mind accessing the shop from inside the game, at least for Ruins. Perhaps this is already planned, but I don't know.

11. Walls, walls, walls!

Image 300

I know that Rezoner mentioned he isn't working on the walls at the moment, but I decided to include it in this list because it is a bug, and one that annoys many players - especially newcomers. People, goblins, yetis, worms, bombs, knives, arrows, special attacks... all of them can hurt you through walls.

11b. Walls are misaligned

Please notice the yellow circles and the game border. I think these pictures are self-explanatory.

Image 304

Image 302

Image 303

Ok, that's it for now!

Love this game! Keep up the good work!

Peace out,

- Lone Warrior


Fantastic post, you have my full support - these should be fixed as soon as possible.

+1 to everything also when is wand coming kekappa

I know you're still working on it, take your time. We don't pressure.

~Seraph (Slaughterhouse currently)

That 1. is cool, don't repair it.

I can attack other players next to wall