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By now you know me as the rebel who says his opinion straight forward. I dont know why nobody has the balls to say it...

The prices are a f**** joke. Thats just the TRUTH. If you are offened by it, i dont care and you are brainwashed!

10 bucks for a simple sprite is just inmoraly. For this money i could get a whole good programmed game (Steam)!!!!!

SO here my IDEA: Lower all prices by at least 50 %!!! That should be a fair compromise

Image 2449

Image 2450


finaly somebody who has some balls

nope. price is good

go farm gold scrub 

before we dont have quests and that was hard.

No need to buy big pack of money. (but if u want donate, do it). More than half of community collected their gold by themselves


nope price is not good for a half ass game sprite!!!!! and you cant farm because of weekly limit!!!

quests fucking idiot.


10 BUCKS FOR A SHITTY Sprite.. faggot

No need to donate.
U must just farm,waste ur time if u want cool stuff.


Psshhhhh... paid moderator spotted...PRICES NEEDS TO BE REDUCED = at least 50 %

NAT ALL DUDE. Only wings nothing more. 

rest is good.


NOPE! STILL to expensive! Hats, shields...they dont even have a function... *STILL DRE*


THAT IS. They dont have any function. Its not main thing. 

If you don't have skill, you will never got your decorations.


WHY WOULD YOU REPLY ON AND ON... YOU are a paid dude!!....


you have schizophrenia

if its lowered what about rezoner hot dogs

eh idk

so pro change that $$$ for gold tho


? i dont understand ..what do u mean?

fuckin idiot hell no

you think that we complained about it? i have all weapons, fedora, and studded shield



10 Bucks for 1 sprites is to high for a kid...which you need like 30 minutes of work


Good players, nat like u, idiot.


HAHAH...you guys are paid for sure!!!!


I rly want help Rezoner, but i dont have enough money to donate on patreon.


I dont want to hear your further opinion...i want to hear the opinion from EVERYBODY ELSE...THE POOR GUYS.





I'm sure he has enough already with this prices!!!

Retardation level over 999


you stated that we are full of *egotism, yet you go on to call us "payers" when i dont even have the patron badge.
you also continue to downvote all of mistodels comments, and dont try to refute them with any reasonable claim
rez does not cater to kids
get that though ur -50+ star head


And after that you call yourself Robin Hood? You created alternative accounts to upvote ur post and dislike our comments. 



Man, stop using different accounts to do multiple downvotes to comments you don't like. That's pretty immature of you.

And the prices are fine as they are. The stuff with the really high prices are just for aesthetics, and if you really want them, just save up your gold. You don't need to pay real money.


What is up with the ridiculous downvotes for the people who are against this? I am against this, but I think this is downvoting abuse tbh. And after what I saw about Misto's post, I clearly think that your opinion and thought on this is literally past the mental and stable limit of things. If you think that downvoting will prove anything, then that's really ridiculous. Anyways, lowering the prices and assuming that people with expensive hats and capes used money to buy them is again, ridiculous.

There's a thing called "investing", instead of just spamming "buy" into everything you don't want. Instead, invest your money to buy something, and with enough patience, you can buy angel wings or a skull helmet. I for instance still have plenty of money left to buy some decent stuff, but I don't. It's to "invest" on more suitable helmets, weapons, or capes that I prefer, or to just wait for new ones.

There's no need to use money, heck, you don't need to need ANY. This game isn't p2w, and the weapons that you can buy are fairly cheap. If you complain about stuff like expensive helmets, you quoted yourself this: "10 bucks for a simple sprite is just inmoraly." Remove the 10 bucks, "is just", and the "inmoraly" word, and you got this. For a simple sprite. There. It's optional for you to buy it from the store, and you're complaining about "a simple sprite", then saying that you want it to be cheaper.

Smh I could go farther and type an entire essay but I summarized this for everyone's logical brain to read, or just having enough patience to read all this. (I'm talking about patience mostly, and the will to read this.)

I would rather lower the price of coins 'to buy'. Price in coins is good, but too high for real money.

ALT: Same prices but for more coins.

yeah your right

This very post has triggered me so much that I came back to roast you some more. How about you STFU and GTFO because likes yo ass. Rezoner needs to eat to eat and if he does this, players would just farm rather pay with real-world currency.

i thought u left
and the only person who talks like that is the real i eat rules

Please Xenon KILL YOURSELF. And cry in your sleep.

Paid players IS what Rezoner wants and if you do this, Rezoner will stumble onto some trouble.

Yeah, no. Just do the grind in-game, it's like an hour for 2k easy.

I'm playing this game very long time and after 9 months I have all weapons, silver shield, hood, barbarian helmet and spartan warrior helmet. You just need to keep playing.

I've played for 9 months too and I have all the weapons, the legionnaire helmet, the royal cape and brai's voice :)

I've played since beginning and also got all weapons,viking helmet and dog ears(dunno why) though I wear hood,barbarian cape and brai voice pack,also collecting for gray(seal)cape.


Buddy you said the stuff is too expensive but then mentioned its useless so then why even complain? If it has no use for you dont buy it.

Also everybody got balls, its that that people are ok with the current prices. If they were half off you could buy everything in the game so there remains no real objective of the game.

Also nobody's paid here, you got no real evidence to even suppose that

fuck off


i cant even imagine how toxic are you inside

wtf i dont even farm and when there is new weapon i go farming you actually can get 4000 gold per month

so calm down boi

i only want to buy wings and voice so i think it wont help me out that much


I'm fine with the prices as they are now,and to be honest,having low prices kinda breaks the feel of hard work and effort put into gold collecting.


Wait, we talking about the money or the in game items?

I agree, it should probably be more gold for money, since Rez has added so much new stuff to buy.

But you need to calm down. Be patient, get  skills, you won't need to pay money, mr. Cheapy steam guy who probably spends all his money on digital games, shitty apple watches, and unnecessary unlimited Wi-Fi plans. Calm down. The game gives you gold for kills for a reason.

The items from the shop are a good price.