delete football quests

kanguror 3 years ago updated by A R C A N I N E 3 years ago 18

i had  three of them in a row thats alost every daily quest for me today

I'm hoping that someone was trolling and bumped this post and then deleted their comment.


True.And yea,football quests are pain in the ass.



Fix football, fix quests, add more quest to stop from getting them in row.

dont let the topic drown XD

Why would it drown since you bumped?

i bumped it to help it not to drown XD

Maybe I should do the same, but I already did it by posting this comment. :(

Oh god don't do it,guys,stop before this consumes you,before it's to late.

in this situation again plz halp rezoner


yee I hate football quests

i don't mind it,...i enjoy these questions , they are fast and simple

they are not fast and just irritating i can spend my daily quests for lets say kill 10 ppl without dying thats easier and gives more gold


Rezoner should implement a code line that says if there was a quest from a certain category the chance for it to appear again drops drastically. This should prevent self repeating quests

good idea it should be implemented

I think the quests are fine. JUST GET RID OF SCORE 2 GOALS IN 1 GAME!!!! ITS GHTG%R^B%RBU*%RB*B

I agree with this lmao. Rarely anyone goes to brutal football anymore. I mean, we got like 1-2 major football matches every day, and the timezone differences screw it up ;v

Guys if u want football, go to the EU servers. They're always playing :)