New unofficial rule on forum

Egzekutor 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 13

Hello, i’am after small break again on forum and i see here is terrible mess. I’m Not even talking about last few banned people but in general. I think we need introduce as community, small unofficial rule which can help everyone a lot. 

I’m Talking here about limited amount of comments under posts. Some fresh posts is just in one day at the bottom of first site, because amount of comments is too big, and new posts can’t be even noticed. This is very annoying not only for me, but probably for other users also. Adding tons of less important comments really not help this forum, and comparing wilds userecho to userecho from one month ago, this is just fest of spam.

 Normal posts have been sometimes just filled with tons of trash comments Instead of one or two comments, which can add good point in the commented post. Adding less but more creative and constructed comments can help a lot with checking new posts, and also when Rez notice if players try keep forum in good condition, he will more often visit this place. Because at this moment some posts is just filled with trash.

Here is my request to all users including me also: try use less amount of comments with constructive criticism and with respect to each user, and this forum will be again much better for read, and also when Rezoner notice we can keep this place in good condition, he will be here more often. I’m Sure he is already tired of all this spam, same as me and other people. 

So if i can count on you, just try make this place better and add less but quality comments which can help a lot wilds userecho, and make this place again clean, without that much mess. (Grass is almost ready :p)

Regards Egzekutor


Finally someone (Who has potential "power" over us) spoke up about this...Though, some people will forget about this unofficial rule, and we need some enforcing on all "rules".

I hope users will take this rule for serious. This can help forum so much.

dev announcements? maybe just keep this post up.

no one to enforce the rules :/


Egzekutor will enforce the rules, and penalty will be killing 100 times in wilds.io.

We only have a handful of people to enforce it, its obvious to know who's going to enforce it. Go figure.

You can post how many comments do you want the important thing that they make sense and can help - the number of comments is not important but their content yes.

Yeah, the forum really needs it. No more SheePy!

+1, Everyone needs to see this

this site really need order


i saw new rule

i liked 

im out

If there could be a option to turn sorting to newest as default :/

Sure it sucks... So much posts is burried and sometimes we can’t even notice, something new was added.