Let's discuss incoming new game 'wanderes.io', shall we?

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We all knew that some day wilds.io will be over (not saying it's going down very soon or going down for sure). Everything comes to it's end.

If someone doesn't know, there will be a new game 'wanderes.io', come check rezoner.net.

It will be based on wilds.io (assets, ranged and meele combat) but you aren't steering your character you are steering tribe.

As there is complete silence on userecho, time to talk a bit, shall we?

From my perspetive, it's gonna be some kind of strategy game.

Is it going to be welcomed like wilds.io ? I think, maybe, oh sorry... MAYBE. As you can see wilds has max 100 players playing and even if wanderes would be only game, the game need some noise to get up. Remember mechar.io ? Yeah, that game. I'd better say noting about it.

So what do you think it's going to be? 

And yeah, realease date for new game is this November...

I like this kind of posts because they add to forum Interesting conversations. 

Well personally i think wilds at this moment have too much good things to do in game and this is reason why this game can survive really long time, even without adding new things. 

And about wanders.io - because this game will be in wilds universe i think most of people who played in wilds, is gonna check new game. Also this will be kind of hack’n’slash like wilds but with tribe Instead of one character. So we can be a king with bunch of minions which can fighting/hunting for us. This look very Interesting even if this is early stage of game.


Hey!  DO you want a strategy fighter!  With survival elements?   Where everything looks like a cluster fuck?  A game where it's not what YOU want, but what the DEV wants that matters?.

Then check out this neat game called wanderers.io

It's wilds.io, but without the player input!!!!

It's the dev's passion lmao. Respect it.

He decides what goes down. He doesn't always takes constructive criticism, but it's his choice ;v

The game looks good tho.

Not really, it's like using necromancy to revive wilds.io assets and use them for a top down strategy no one wanted.

Least it will be as active as mechar.io   those bots are persistent!

Eh, in time...we'll see. Also, sorry for a late reply in the other conversation we had (Was busy)...also: (Sequel? NAH)


Well, it's a pvp game, so I expect it to be like a very nomadic/limited Starcraft (em...) since you can give directions and control of troop types without having complete control over the troops. Since food is only for healing near the campfire , I suppose that survival elements won't be added, unless health becomes more complicated and temperature/health takes a roll. Also in the "Handsome cursor" devlog update, clicking on a tile allows your group to go to that particular spot (or maybe the particular object that activates their movement to be possible). < This further strengthens my claim on what it might turn out.

Also, instead of bases/troop demolition, there's a king that appears that you have to protect to survive, so yea. :l I wish there's at least something that gives the king some usefulness, but atm rezoner made it nearly useless.


I played Mechar.io...I sucked at it

meh too XD

for me it was easy 

but mostly cuz no one was online

but like 3-4 people 


i expect it will be good, though i feel that rez should take this game a bit more seriously, and maybe bugtesters would be good for this game

Agree, maps/new updates should be first tested for some players because often after update in game is tons of bugs.

i sign in as a bug tester

Or he could just release a beta version for everyone to give reviews on balancing/bug/how fun it is. ;l

And then the people he knows/trusts has good reviews on the game he would take some interest on. So both public reviews and the selected reviews.

why do people always sign up for stuff when there is a proposal for people to do something

Wilds.io won't completely die out soon. Well, everything can come to an end, but we can take some saving action to keep the game alive.

Wanderers.io is a great game, and has great potential. I think it would be an "army vs army" concept, and that's pretty cool.


So lets say that wanderers.io does become a game. Will you play it when it comes out? Also, will there be a forum for it like every other game Rezoner has made? The forum I feel like should be here. Anywhere else isn't going to attract attention on the forums. After all, being the game that really gained traction on both the game and forum, it seems fitting to merge both together since they are also so alike. Things that can be done with the upcoming game:

  1. Winter Biome
  2. Villages
  3. Forests Biome
  4. Grass Biome
  5. Marketplace Domination (YES!)
  6. Fort Siege
  7. Bigger Awesome Battles
  8. Potentially Multiplayer Tribal Battles with other players!? (I don't think that it can be done)
  9. Quick Battles

I will play it when it does come out. However, if it is like every other game where you can't save your progress then I may not be so tempting for me to play it since I hate starting over from scratch. I have thought of the possibility of story mode but that is impossible since you will have to download it to be able to play a story mode, hence why every other .io game doesn't offer a story mode. If one could download the game, you can reverse engineer the coding and abuse it hence why games like Minecraft have hackers and why you don't see many hackers here in wilds.io, since it is much harder for hackers to reverse engineer malicious coding when you can only type in the website and play on it. (Probably the reason why Rezoner refuses to to make the game downloadable; or just to stop people from copying Rezoner's work.) To forge malicious coding, I think that one must hack the entire game of wilds.io itself and then learn how everything is programmed then create malicious coding that uses the same format, allowing the game to accept one's malicious coding. Please don't do what I just said. I'm not an expert but know enough to know how to do bad stuff. It's gonna get you banned. Two years of coding has taught me both the light and dark side. Please don't ban me Rezoner. I not hacker fur lyvyng.

Again, if the game is set to where the most powerful players dominate then I simply won't even try. (Die=Start all over again from Scratch). 

I will definitely play the new game made by Rez when it comes out! Even if the dominating players boot all the newbies and the unexperienced players out...I won't leave...why? Because there has to be teachers or pseudo teachers helping out the newbies. Not sure about the forums though...the wilds.io forums seems to be the "main" one...

This forums is pretty broken...and I hope to see the experienced players helping other players, heck...when newbies help other newbies, I legit cry lmaoo.

+1 for this comment.

On one side i'ts sad that game i played for over a year now can be replaced with new one, but one other side it's good to see Rez move on.

(This 'Handsome cursor' is tricky to make so good job to him for that one)


I think it should be a die start from scratch

but not a leave game start from scratch

I also think the map should be really big so everyone playing fits 

and you can make peace treaties with others 

so it can be like a world of peace

until the bow nation attacked  

You're not helping.

As long as Rezoner stays clear of any trace of futuristic themes, I am cool with it.

Will you be able to fight other players while with other players under the same tribe?

Will troop unit types be implemented? (Such as Spearmen, Swordsmen, Bowmen, Holy Mage, Necromancy Cult, Hammerers, Vampire, etc?) If so, will they have their own separate abilities such as phalanx?


Yesssss. Finally a strategy IO game. I have one interesting idea:

Player should can take controll of the king in fight, what can look like a normal wilds.io fight.

What do you think about this idea? 

i think has gold in his hands  with this game, it would be really good for the game if he uses kind of like a warcraft scenario, a server limited to... idk 10 people for each game, diferent units, some monsters to get some items, heros? maybe? something like the image he has on facebook on his horns wings update, all that can be cool for the game the problem is that rezoner had that weird hand and he said he wanted more like an spider feeling... idk what that means

like spider queen maybe

Well according to his devlog it says that it'll be a PvP game, so it might be "slightly" similar to Starcraft (in a previous comment), so it'll be likely a 1v1, or else he would've wrote PvE for multiplayer on a single server/match.

Also the spider feeling might be having a series of options to choose from (the strings of a web), or just how smooth parts of a control/button/object might be (the tingle ;l ok this might not be an effective option).

Wanderers has a cool mouse :) It looks like an interesting and unique concept