Never bow to the bow, join the ABC (Anti Bow Confederation) (not a tribe ad)

Mild Mannered Pate 7 years ago updated by THE_LORD_OF_FERRETS 7 years ago 27

Because this has gone on long enough. Purge this game of lazy, trolling, bow users.  Complain about kick while this game is still alive!   The fire nation has persisted and let me tell you, they give us no quarter!  Unite, to create an ever lasting BUE of victory!!    And why not?   (unless you use bows)


You will find out  

In the purge

Not here please... i´ve already seen multiple unions in the starve.io reddit and they all are whiny kids complaining about trash but... really? How deep have you fallen to be so salty to create a confederation? I don´t want this forum to be like starve.io´s was. I don´t want any Confederations nor Soviet Unions nor any kinds of factions in the forum that could start a forum war.

But forum wars keep the forum alive, and there has really only been two types of legit trash on this game, which is bows and rope bombs.  Also it's to get the senpai of a dev to notice us.  Starve.io sucks.  And Confederations are fun.

All that forum wars are useful for is creating unnecesary annoying drama that end up burying good posts, bows haven´t had a change, don´t blame bows, blame the kick for not working, you still have a damn shield in your hand you know? Our senpai will notice us eventually, but now he´s too busy to "notice" us and do anything for the game. Starve.io sucks... a bit, it´s community suck a little bit, specially the ones who complain about killing and the ones who kill but meh. And last, Confederations aren´t fun, they are an union of players that aren´t good enough to defeat someone who has a ranged weapon! Let me give you a list of counters against bow: 1) Running. 2) Shielding. 3) Using specials that make you invulnerable. 4) Wasting some HP potions for health. 5) Using a yellow potion to reach the bow user faster.  And btw, are you really so salty that you downvoted Onderaz´s comment that only said "what?"


I don't have to explain myself to you


What? Why am i communist? Do you even know what communist means?

Don't use words which you don't know what they mean. He did nothing to become communist, kid.

Kid?   Says the one who takes a microphone dropping joke into 4 replies dragging it out, seriously, go get your autism checked mister 'mod in training' also, <3 everyone who disliked it with me.

So ifram is communist (he did nothing to become him), I have autism because you don't like my posts, so everyone here which made any comments or posts what aren't nice for you have autism? I'm going to make ban topic about you.

Sigh... shut up everyone.

of course you'd appose freedom of speech Commie

And this is why wilds is dying same with community.


I guess if you write it nicely, people may agree...

But you ruined your reputation.

Don't use words which Pate doesn't know what they mean. "people" "ruined" "reputation"

Do contemplate on your failure of being a person Ukryty, please go back to taking your autism suppression medicine and leave this humble forum, least I have awareness to my LOVELY forum destroying posts, while yours just don't have any context what-so-ever

Also question:  What reputation is left.   Pate was practically destroyed when bows first came out, but he finally released his hatred when the kick was snapped.

Tis why he is "Mild Mannered"


Pate, just make a discord server so that the abc is not using up too much space on the forums.


Discord doesn't have this beautiful pale background.

i think bow needs a change, not nerf

bro you are sooooo right.


People act like shield is all you need to stop bow, but anyone who says that clearly doesn't even play this game. The vast majority of wilds.io is mind games, and being someone able to predict your opponents reaction is how you win. If someone simple holds the charge button down and doesn't fire their arrow, and just so happen to put your shield up, all they have to do is fire once your shield goes down. Shield doesn't stay up long enough for it to be the all powerful solution some people think it is. If the bow user can easily predict what you're going to do, you're basically fucked.

Also do note that bow users can shoot pretty damn fast with training, so you're going to be a pincushion if you even try to block/kick, and dash, and even when you do that you're slower than the bow user.  Also kick is broken so you take damage which health organization is ESSENTIAL to arena/browars.  Also even if you jump around you will get hit by a well trained bow user, and it really isn't that hard to aim seeing that game is in 2D