The word f*ck

Disguised 2 years ago • updated by UgandianWarrior 2 years ago 11

Instead of muting me for 60 seconds can you not filter it instead to this "f*ck". 

It would be nice.

it is also possible to say "fucckk" without being mutated

mutated LOL, that made my day.

The dark side of Rez

Mostly at multiplayer games when I die, I write "fuck" word on chat. Here I get mute what means that there's no word censoring :/ fuck

heh I use it all the time 

but it really should be banned

dude you can still say the n word and not get muted

remove the mute for the word fuck, like seriously

"Don't mind me i am going to do some kind of censoring" -Rez (Not really)

..like there is going around and chopping ohters with axes or smashing with hammers.