Remodeling The Map

Hooded Black 7 years ago updated by A R C A N I N E 7 years ago 29

I Basically want a New Model of the Current Map


Sorry , I can't provide visual aids to help you understand my idea so I'm gonna try describing it the best way as I can using words ;-; .

The Map today seems a bit crowded with new Tribes appearing on The Map , So , I think we needed a new model of it to help portray each Tribe's land clearly .

Instead of fixed Map where there is a "fixed" Island which has limited space for Tribes to fit in , I propose that we should make it wider , and a flag below the Tribe Name to add some sort of decor .

A wider map needs a wider space , so I think we should be able to "Zoom Out/Zoom In" and Drag the Map to see other lands available . A Drag & Zoom Mechanic would help .

It would be nice if Tribe Leaders can change the color of the Invaded land , But that's not really that important .

In the current Tribe Map however , there might seem to be Tribes that start at the Ocean Part (Blue Ocean-Like Portion) of the Map which may seem confusing to know what size the Land actually is . 

If it's too vast to find a certain Tribe you're looking for , I propose a Filter/Search Bar for the Map to look for Tribes that you want to check/see . 

There can be a mouse-over feature on the Tribe Name that shows a Join Button to make it easier for people to choose which Tribes to join/enter .

The Tribe Map needs a more crisp color to it , Please do adjust the Color Rez .

Sincerely Yours ,

Hooded Black ~

What the "Current Map" looks like .

google maps-like view of the map would be amazing. sadly it needs lots of work but maybe rezoner can do it

my tribe looks great B)

Mine isn't bad too.

Haha LOL. Mine's not there :(

Seal where is our tribe?

The whole dark and bright brown in western areas..wait,for how long are you in this tribe,remind me if I forgot?

not really sure, i think a couple months

i entered cuz there were a couple countrymates inthere. Never met them again lol

Doesn't matter.You're now in our crew,in good hands(no matter how cliché that sounds).

btw i noticed just now that you typed "aids" instead of aid lol :)

Imagini pentru aids

Oh wow.Just don't screw up with this.

and some capitals are on the ocean XD

(blackofangels is the other name for Atlantis


i know its from shrek is love shrak is life but wt# how can be war love? XDD

No not that refference.

Children of War, of course.

whats the war tribe territory ? and hows it called?

Witcher 3...

-War never changes! (village man)

- If you'll keep hiding your head in fence, war will never change for you! (village woman)

Do I should stop playing Witcher 3?

No,unless it's repedative play will consume you,it's ok.

Mine is Black Solitude , ;-;


Interesting.So you're gonna Pikachu this sh*t.

What does that mean?