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Actually as I think about it - I can change shield behavior a little - scroll down - activates a shield and any other action interupts it.

The reason why is not getting updates is because it has flopped - as in it turned out to be unsuccessful game in terms of IO games. My main focus now is - although not development but getting it out on big games portals so we can enjoy more traffic. Adding features does not replace the marketing unfortunately.

I find it kind of worthy trying to break special with a special. Like clash (that should be repaired ;))

Sounds like 10 extra features to me.

Dunno, I am being thrown to the same US server no matter what way I enter it. ;s

Enkk was one of the first persons who wanted to get involved in making running social wise. He and couple of other reddit users have made discord channels (when I had no idea what discord is) - and I have picked his because he was the oldest one, his english was very good and he didn't used memes to communicate his thoughts.

Later on I have made him userecho admin where he was mainly joining duplicated threads and deleting unrelevant stuff - nevertheless it is a rather boring and unrewarding job so he gave up on moderating userecho. We also started the original wiki - but I have failed to provide GIFs and stuff because it's a simple thing but takes time that I did not have - thankfully half year later Traxido managed to do that all alone without much of my assistance.

Google for what pitched up means.

Well I kind of agree, but the system itself is more exciting and responsive - I will mix the old voice with new system

nah it's my voice pitched up in audacity