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Unknows second admin of wilds.userecho?

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated by issa04 7 years ago 13

Don't ask me, how I found it. Bored man can do everything. I found the topic what was answered but it wasn't answered by Rezoner!

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His nickname is Enkk. His last activity was 5 months ago, but I don't know how he could be allowed to make Under review sign to topic and Answer sign. You can find this topic in cornelis112 comments.

He's still (sort of) active on Wilds main Discord, he just doesn't say much. He's the owner too

Good observation. 👍

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he's probably fired for doing a bad job :)


You're fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~Rezoner1337


Nice searching, but without a tip where to search, you couldn't find it.

Under review

Enkk was one of the first persons who wanted to get involved in making wilds.io running social wise. He and couple of other reddit users have made discord channels (when I had no idea what discord is) - and I have picked his because he was the oldest one, his english was very good and he didn't used memes to communicate his thoughts.

Later on I have made him userecho admin where he was mainly joining duplicated threads and deleting unrelevant stuff - nevertheless it is a rather boring and unrewarding job so he gave up on moderating userecho. We also started the original wilds.io wiki - but I have failed to provide GIFs and stuff because it's a simple thing but takes time that I did not have - thankfully half year later Traxido managed to do that all alone without much of my assistance.


"...he didn't used memes to communicate his thoughts." You're brutal, Rez!

This is the reason because he create BRUTAL football mode 😉

one of my oldest comments (:

Thank you for sharing us information about unknown admin of wilds userecho. You will don't get any reward for it.