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I hope you all buy spears now ;)

Shadows can't throw weapon due to a bug - I will fix that.

Thanks. I am turning off adblock on the sites I use too :) I only keep it where they have gone crazy with the amount of ads.

Stop dramatizing. First of all - it was there only for an hour and there is no reason to keep that going - some people haven't even notice it has been removed and still whine about how it impacts their gameplay which means they clearly make claims out of thin air.

Now then. It's not a trojan, it's not harmful, googling for coinhive trojan will indeed give you results but please read the content of these links not just throw claims that it's mining your vurnelable data, is a virus or whatever.

Above all - I was only running it in the menu where it doesn't impact your game performance - displayed ads eat up CPU too and I earn on that - what's different with that? We (publishers) are looking for ways to provide the content to you for as cheap as possible but the world has gone mad with blocking ads and requiring publishers to work for free - this will end up in colapse of more and more content providers (games, news, services) and we will switch to paywalls as the mean to sustain our revenue.

None. This thread has been taken over by drama queens like Ukryty who has read something somewhere that he don't fully understand but won't hesitate to make a drama out of it anyway which happened a few times in the past.

Fixed, sorry :| It's not hacked, I have made a mistake that the score did not reset after death.

Yes I am testing if I can use 10% of your CPU to mine coins instead of displaying ads. What's wrong with that? If that worked out I wanted to add ability to leave your PC idle and you could get coins for letting me mine stuff - unfortunately the revenue is very low. The question stays - what is wrong with that?

I am back - thanks for the wedding wishes everyone :)