Your comments

It should be working now. Anyway I am using the new forum.

New forum is on the way.

I know you are going through hard times with no updates since a long while and I do realize that half of the community will not survive it - but I am working super hard on a big change in how my games work. I want to put everything I've done in my own network. This month you will see an update regarding the ecosystem:

+ One account for all my games
+ Our own userecho - I am tired of not being able to adjust userecho to our needs (for example best posts this week) so I've built something similar that will be tied with the platform (embedded straight in the games, divided into ideas, forum and news)

+ New game - Soccer - so far it has the most advanced matchmaking and graphics among my games.

+ A portal with my games.

After that I am finish Wilds update.

Bear with me and thank you for waiting so long.

Are you using your google account bound to the email su***** ?

At least here. Discord is beyond my jurisdiction.

Yes - it will be 100% like the normal version just less laggy.

Renegades will be replaced with Barbarians