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I believe they are not bots just users alternative accounts.

I am not surprised really - for sitting in that tight pit for a whole year he deserves to go for a walk once in a while.

Let me tweak required score to 20 goals then ;D

Since you can buy coins for real money I don't think adding betting will do any good for my game regarding facebook policies and overall maturity rating (which means cutting away a good % of players).

Anyway - I thought about betting where reward would be arena score.

Well - I can - I am just afraid that football matches are too long and too boring to watch - but let me know if that's not true.

The banlist is empty - are you still unable to connect?

Hehe, yeah this looks like:

1) Automatic ban (when you have too many windows opened, and you send too much requests to the lobby)
2) Blocked by your firewall / router / ISP

One of these probably.

I can reset the lobby and if it start to work it means you have been auto banned.

As Issa said - I am not able to tell much without this step ->

Yes there is 1 quest per 6 hours - but you cannot stock more than 4 in a pool.