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Certain heroes - will have advantage of stacking items - for example ninja will be able to collect more knives.

Thanks for the screenshot. Could I see another one displaying CONSOLE tab?

Also what version of Firefox is this?

The server has died this morning - I have restarted it - please confirm if it is still an issue.

( Posting from Chrome / Ubuntu 16.04 - Firefox also works fine for me )

I can confirm there is such bug

The next update will feature a proper gameplay mode.

1) Each match will last for 5 minutes
2) In the end of a match you receive 1 - 4 points
3) The winning team receive twice as much points
4) Points will be used to calculate your overall rank.

Yeah definitely need these :)

Ok. So. For starters I do not plan to add equip-able weapons. However:

There are going to be more heroes - each with specific weapons and moves (berserker with two small axes, assasin, archer...).

Shurikens although are already in my pipeline - compared to throwing knife - you can have up to 3 shurikens - but they deal only 1 damage on hit.

I like tar bag a lot. There was a similar thing in Heroes of Newerth - you could spoil some tar - and then inflame it \o/