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Santuary and RIP tuxtron u.u

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Túxtron was a great gamer of wilds.io to play in and out of the match.

He saw a new way of being able to socialize with diverse people and entertain himself,which made him a good friend of several people.
When I met him, the truth was noob xD, but he was one of the most honest and humble people, I remember when he taught me to use clans when I was new.

Currently, after presuming certain people, they eliminated their score, but that score, whether it is fraudulent or not, is valid because it is allowed, another serious thing to use hack, but only possibly take advantage of the bug, as many people here but They are not able to say it out of fear of the same reprisal.
Tuxtron is no longer connected. Tuxtron is possibly SORRY by those whom I think were his friends and whom he admired. Tuxtron may be THIS DEPRESSED.
We do not know anything about his personal life except that he was Colombian xD or Ecuadorian, I do not know, they have almost the same XD flag.

I will contribute that if one could in a way remind the players or create a certain sanctuary of the players, that for some reasons, no longer connect to the game.

PD: I know that it rains dislakis of possibly people who did not read the conclusion or other reasons, but it is my opinion and I share it :3

PD2:I like to defend my partners, that's all xD



Túxtron fue un jugador de wilds.io, que se divertia y pasaba su tiempo con el juego.

Vio una nueva forma de poder socializar con diversa gente y entretenerse, con lo que se hizo buen amigo de varias personas.
Cuando lo conoci, la verdad me parecio un noob xD, pero era de las personas más honradas y humildes, me acuerdo cuando me enseño a usar clanes cuando era novata.

Actualmente, despues que por presuncion de ciertas personas, eliminaron su score, pero ese score, aunque sea fraudalento o no, es valido porque es permitido, otra cosa seria que usara hack, pero solo posiblemente aprovecho el bug, como muchas personas de aca pero no son capacez de decirlo por temor a la misma represalia.
Tuxtron ya no se conecta. Tuxtron posiblemente se SIENTA ABANDONADO por aquellos que penso que eran sus amigos y que el admiraba. Tuxtron puede ser que ESTE DEPRIMIDO.

No sabemos nada de su vida personal solo que era colombiano xD o ecuatoriano, no lo se, tienen casi la misma bandera XD.

aportare en que si se pudiera de una forma recordar a los jugadores o crear un cierto santuario de los jugadores, que por algunos motivos, ya no se conectan al juego.

PD: se que lloveran dislakis de posiblemente gente que no leyo la conclucion o otros motivos, pero es mi opinion y la comparto :3

PD2:Me gusta defender a mis compañeros, eso es todo xD



Muy bueno, devuelvanle la cuenta plsss :(


todos somos tuxtron :v


santuario a los personajes olvidados xD


podria ponerse en la arena , en una parte como una iglesia xD

podrian hacer un sitio en alguna parte del mapa normal, en plan un cementerio o algo de viejos heroes que han perecido *-* xDD

eso es lo que habia pensado para q no me borraran el post *-*

Don't understand what is written here, and don't know what Rezoner did TUXTRON. :v

jajjaaj okey xDD

Me neither,that is just a bunch of words

Under review

Ok do I read that correctly?

Someone has left the game because his score got reduced - because it was achieved by abusing the game flaws?

I haven't banned him because there is no reason someone would pay for my faults - but I have to take care of the game being fair and competitive for all the players.

And the sanctuary? :v




Okay, what and how am I supposed to comprehend what the heck was just said....