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Aight, here's the story.

I enter browars when the queue says two people. For like a good thirty minutes, I play in fort, and get 100+ bones. Lotsa deaths, feeling great. I'm locked in a battle with this dude, when suddenly my screen goes black, and next thing I know, I'm in browars.

Happens quite a bit ._.

So, my solution is to have an active queue. What this means is in-game, there should be a button at the top left, which if you press, you can see the queue for all matches. Also, by doing this, you can switch queues in game. So, you're queued for arena, but there's no one on, so you can switch to football without losing any bones or anything. You can also get out of queues by this method. 

Anyways, tell me if this is kewl or anything should be added :D

I like it. Seems easy to put in, and it's convenient. It takes surprisingly long for an arena match to start; I only enter the queue when there are seven or more in it, and even then it's not guaranteed the match 'll start in the next 10-20 minutes.

Say what now

No, Ik about that, I'm in fort, and I get pulled into game and lose a lotta bones

one time I had 146 bones about to break my record when I went into football. >:|

Now imagine losing 300+ bones after entering the arena..

How about losing 700+ bones after entering the arena...

Sucks lmao. (It did happen)

What about 1875+  points worth of leveling in 1 run lost when waiting for soccer(I waited a while for soccer to 

enter but I guess I should've killed myself so I can get bones at least).Half of those same gatherings who could've leveled me up multiple times were lost due to game crash and long wait to enter arena or other game.It sucks..

you can always have 1 tab in fort and 1 tab to look at the queue

Who likes that lol... This is simpler



You can also change matchmaking, if one of your imaginary technical friends comes along and you tell them to join browars.

Experienced this with goddamn 202 bones

Actually, compared to others, that's not too much lol

Best request ever. I want it!

Yep, so I can bump this? :D