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The game is supposed to not allow you to copy names...


Can you spell "cause" correctly?

And no idea causes cancer in the forum

What SHOULD be done in my opinion

Everything with the claws and ranged are TOTALLY FINE with me. The problem is that the special attack cooldown is WAAY too fast. It's just kind of spamming the special attack lightly. Cooldown is just too short.

Why it hasn't been done yet


What is bad for the game

1. Claws getting stronger. You NEED to get the new players a decent chance.

2. Inventory expansion. ROPE BOMB!!!

THERE SHOULDN'T BE A-- YOU KNOW, A-- stamina usage. It's not like you're running. Maybe magic could be added to the top of the stamina bar; there would be magic potions. People look down on the ice staff and bow for ONE reason: They're really bad at doing some ACTUAL short-range projectiles. I would want ice staff to have a different special because it NEVER helps. Usually there is something to hide around, which is the WORST THING EVER!!!!You have to use your special to freeze them and hit them twice or something and then the runner will either go to the fort or continue running. Going to the fort is easier to do, but it wastes stamina trying to jump into the fort. I'd personally just have a guillotine on the top and bottom because THE FORT AND EVERYTHING IN IT IS THE WOOOORST! Bring back ruins. Also having one of the earlier posts, I have to chase down runners which ALSO wastes valuable stamina. If the map were a bit easier to hit people inside, I'd LIKE fort. But there can't be that. D:

Ok that sounds cool :)